Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for ...

Uinta Moutains!

Admittedly so, the  Uinta sunsets are breathtaking . . .

Fantasy forest. Have you  seen Disney's Sleeping Beauty, the forest she lives in reminds me of the one you  see below. There are many flat rock cliffs and platforms with trees growing everywhere.

I love driving through this range to step off for a breath full of gorgeous view.

*photos have been removed


  1. Another beautiful mountain range from your part of the world! Beautiful!! Take care

  2. Those sunsets are so breathtaking in a picture that I could imagine myself tearing up if I saw them in person. Magnificent!

  3. Wow, these photos are stunning! Thank you Elizabeth for sharing~

  4. Those mountains are beautiful. Very sadly a long way for me to be able to visit, though.

  5. Inspiring and beautiful. Love the photographs, looks like a nice place to sit and write. Thank you for sharing and I'm a new follower. (:

  6. beautiful mountains!

    btw, im sorry i forgot to skip Sundays... *mybad*

  7. Sunsets usher in the most glorious part of the day, for me - I find them more magical than the witching hour of midnight...anything seems possible when the sun sets. And sunsets in the mountains, the magic is just breathtaking. Beautiful pics!

    Some Dark Romantic

  8. Those sunset pictures of fantastic.


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