Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for ...


Was very popular as well as a necessity for early Utah settlers. The women would  quilt and mend clothes as they traveled west to Utah. They used  quilts as cushions for the wagon drivers, to cover up when cold, comfort, and dust control.

"As the journey plodded on  quilts were needed for far more serious purposes than simply comfort and dust control. In some cases they became targets for arrows when they were hung on the exposed side of the wagons for protection during Indian attacks."*

I never knew that, did you?

What artsy stuff does your state's history have?


  1. That is a pretty cool fact about quilting! :)

  2. My mom makes these amazing quilts and I just can't imagine how she has the patience. I guess it could be related to writing as well though...

  3. I am sure besides their pratical uses, quilts were also treasured by the pioneers as one of the few artistic things they could bring along. Didn't know that about the targets - neat! Visiting A-Zer.

  4. Thank goodness we don't have to use quilts for arrow protection any more. Nothing better than a big ol' quilt to snuggle beneath on a cold night.

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  5. How very interesting. I never had a quilt until I came to this country and inherited quite a few my marriage. I love them. Oh, and I made one.

  6. Very neat post!

    I am visiting from the A to Z Challenge :)

  7. I didn't know that about the indians - i do like to learn something new every day - dropping by from A-Z challenge - not even half way yet:( still fascinating journey

  8. Beautiful quilt! I love quilting, did it it for several years, such a lost art. I don't know much about YA paranormal romance, I must admit, but I loved your "about me" page. I wish you the best of luck. I'm popping in from the A-Z challenge. Your blog design is beautiful. Come visit me in my Ballpark. Clicking my name will take you there. Nice to find you!

  9. I have been saving fabric for a few years to make a quilt. Some day..
    In southeastern, Pa. There is a lot of old, very old pottery and antique hand made furniture. I love both. I'm not sure about western, Pa.

  10. That really is a lovely quilt - did you make it?

    I have a friend in California who's a genius quilter - I love her use of bold, jewel tones in her work. It's not a skill I possess, alas, but I greatly admire it in others. (Probably because I couldn't quilt to save my life from all them arrows.) :-)

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  11. I've seen those beautiful, superbly breathtaking quilts on display at the church museum downtown. I can only look on in awe since my sewing/quilting skills are nada.

  12. Lovely quilt, I am wishing it to come out of the page onto my bed.

    That's quite an interesting history about quilts, never imagined they had such a glorious past ;)


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