Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for ...

Heritage in Utah!

Utah  is rich  with  many different cultures. It all started with  people looking for a new, but safe  home for religious freedom. Th ey staked their little metaphorical flags  here, bringing with  them  their European cultures as they integrated with   the native denizens.

They celebrate early traditions from city to towns across the state and  hold pageants, plays and other events that share  Utah's   heritage as well as culture.

Utah  loves its  historical buildings; many of which    have been turned to bed and breakfasts or museums.

 A bit of  history:
"Believing the Mormons were rebelling against the laws of the United States, President James Buchanan dispatched 3,500 troops, nearly one third of the entire U.S. Army, to suppress the rumored rebellion in Utah. Buchanan believed that Democrats and Republicans, Northerners and Southerners, could unite in an attempt to restore order to Utah, and he could thus divert attention away from the crisis over slavery and the tensions between the North and South."

What kind of  history does your state share?


  1. Hey there, Elizabeth. Nice post about a state I never got to know well, even though it was just a short distance from the place I still call home. That would be Nevada, Vegas to be specific. Most people think of Vegas as being born from the Mafia, but we were actually part of the Mormon Trail, and they were our founders. We have the second largest Temple in the country.

    Nevada was invited into the Union by Lincoln because he needed one more vote for war. We were so busy mining silver, gambling (illegally), and visiting the brothels that we hardly noticed becoming part of the Union. In 1929, the U.S. of A. asked politely if we'd kindly leave the Union, seeing as how we didn't produce much of anything. We refused, and that was the beginning of our history, finishing out the 20th Century with Las Vegas being the fastest growing city in the United States for the entire previous 100 years. We don't have many historical buildings. When something needs new plumbing, we just blow it up.

    Arkansas is now my home, and I'm just beginning to learn our Confederate history, along with the lessons on lacing up the girdle of the Bible Belt.

    Love the way you love Utah and write about it. I'm looking forward to learning more about my former neighbor.

  2. Oh I love the cave building!! How wonderful!! Yay for Utah's historical heritage! Thanks for sharing! Take care

  3. Utah has some of the most beautiful landscapes. Especially around Bryce Canyon and Arches National Park.

  4. Yes, you rebellious Utah people! Funny.

  5. Utah seems like such a lovely place to live or at least visit. I hope to get that way someday.

  6. Utah sounds incredible - I love those pictures! :)

  7. Oh, how I love the images you shared here and your peppered with H post.

    I like to focus on California's Literary History (my A to Z theme is Women Writers in Literary History). Last week I visited the home of Joaquin Miller, a rather eccentric California poet who was friends with Ina Coolbrith (ironically in the family line of Joseph Smith!). Ina is my I is for... post for tomorrow. She was the first poet Laureate of California!

    So there you have it. My state, my history (a slice of it!) and I loved learning a bit of yours!

    Julie Jordan Scott
    Fellow A to Z Challenge Participant
    H is for Hilda/HD
    On a Mission to Spread Word-Love Throughout the World

  8. I live in Virginia, and we've got history coming out of our ears! I used to work at Colonial Williamsburg, and I loved coming in to work early in the morning and walking down the street in my colonial costume as the shopkeepers were sweeping their front steps and putting out their flags and preparing for the day. It felt like stepping back in time! I also love touring the James River Plantations and imagining the grand parties they used to hold in the manor house ballrooms and the ships going by on the wide river. I got my BA in Historic Preservation, so that's probably why my state holds a special place in my heart. I even worked in the archaeology lab at George Washington's boyhood home for a year (much less glamorous than you might think- lots of washing tiny pieces of broken glass with a toothbrush). :-)

  9. I live in Utah. Hooray for our history!

  10. Currently living in Pennsylvania. William Penn, Quakers, Liberty Bell, Continental Congress, Gettysburg . . . It's fascinating, since I grew up in Nevada, which has a very different history and heritage!


  11. too much history in virginia to mention now ---loved that first picture!

  12. I'm not from Utah-- but I live here now and I do find the history rather epic. (=

  13. I live in Massachusetts a little bit north of Boston so we have plenty of history. My backyard is the oldest Unitarian cemetery in the US.

  14. My ancestors are from Utah, but I live in CA. Lost of history here - the Gold Rush, Spanish Missions and silent western movies.


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