Tuesday, March 13, 2012

#BookReview: #TheAlias by Mandi Tucker Slack and #Rafflecopter #giveaway!

Jacey Grayson is your average single mother who is just trying to create an ordinary life for her son, Blaze. She never dreamed that her haunting past with her ex-husband would threaten her way of life.

Fleeing for her life, Jacey takes her son to an unlikely place in hopes to keep her deranged husband from finding her.

Have you ever set a book down with a sigh after reading it, and think, "That was exhilarating."? I was whisked from the bustling city of Detroit to a lazy farm town in Utah.

This book has all the exciting elements that make a book a page-turner: adventure, romance, and the rush of hope that Jacey will escape with her and her son's life!

 I was excited to see that Tucker has included Book Club Questions. I would love to answer a few as part of my book review:

Overall, how did you experience this book? What emotions did you experience while reading?
Well, I was certainly able to relate when Jacey trembled in fear as she recalled the anguish her ex-husband had inflicted. I couldn't help my tears as I read Jacey's anguish when her husband hurt her in front of her boy. It is such an horrifying thing to see your beloved mother beaten as a helpless little child!

Jacey is frustrated and worried about the changes in her son, Blaze. Faced with her dilemma, how would you handle the situation?
I would not dismiss it as only the divorce or witnessing my abuse, but  would've suspected something much deeper. Naturally, I would show him extra love, give him moral support, be completely open with my feelings and circumstances, and connect with him on a spiritual level.

Can you pick out a passage that strikes you as particularly interesting or profound?
Coming from an abusive home myself, the most striking part is this one sentence from page 204:
" 'I let his abuse influence what I believed about myself.' " Oh, let me tell you just how true this sentiment is. It is so profound and so controlling that it takes a tremendous effort to step out of yourself and rewire your brain to think otherwise--I've experienced both firsthand.

The Alias is well-thought out, well written, and executed with such precision, that I was not once pulled out of the story. The characters lived true to trait and according to trial as well. Well done, Mandi!

You can visit the author here at her blog. Please follow her, she's a wonderful lady with a big heart! You can also find her on Facebook, and her website.

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  1. That sounds like a great book. I love stories that engulf me so much that I can't stop reading.

  2. The Alias sounds like a great read. Just last month I read a book that had me sigh and wish that the book/story should not end. I read the first two books of the trilogy and am waiting for the third one eagerly.

  3. I love that the mc is a single mother - fiesty and brave!! Yay! thanks for the review and info to this book! Good luck Mandi! Take care x

  4. Yup, love books that wisk me away. The Alias sounds like it will do just that. thanks

  5. I really enjoyed your approach in reviewing this novel. Using some of the book club questions actually made me feel that, for just a brief moment, I was sitting with you, getting your perspective on this novel while sipping on tea and snacking on chocolate chip cookies.

    In reading the blurb and what you shared, I can see this novel draws upon all the human emotions and plays them like the strings of a violin. Must add to my TBR list.

    Thank you.

    1. Angela, I love the way you write! Hey, I want some of those cookies!

  6. Ooo! This sounds great. Happy Pi Day, Elizabeth. :)


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