Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Refreshing Honesty, a 3 star Review

You'd think when a book gets a 3 star review, someone's bashing it, right?

Because I know the person who gave Darkspell the review, I had a creeping feeling she'd rate it a 3 star, I don't have an explanation for that, either. So I clicked on her link for my Book Tour and headed over to her website.

Lo and behold! I saw her 3 star at the top. I smiled because I knew I was right! Yay! Not very many people are happy about that, really. But guess what? Anastasia wrote a FaNtAsTiC review! I know that my book is too gushy for her (she loves battling elves), so you can tell how flattered I am with her perception as well as her objectivity.

Even when you don't favor a particular book, it doesn't mean you must bash the poor thing. I read Star Scout Rising, a full-blown science fiction read, and I have to admit it was one of the hardest books I've had to read since my heart is in romance, but I was positive and found joy in the characters and plot and adventures rather than pick it apart. 

How do you review a book that isn't your cup of tea?

Find out what a fantastic review, Anastasia wrote for my debut novel here and why I  LOVE this 3 star review!


  1. I try to be as positive as I can about a book, even if it isn't particularly my genre. I have to admit, I have read some pretty good romance books even though I am not much of a fan. But I have also read poorly written books in my own genre. But I do try to find the positive and focus on helpful criticism rather than just trashing the author and their work.
    Congrats on your 3 star review. ;)

  2. I don't! If I didn't like the book I don't review. :-)

    Hoorah for your positive and wonderful attitude to this particular review! Take care

  3. That's great you were excited about three stars! I'll admit, if I read a book and I wouldn't give it any more than three stars, I just don't rate it at all.

  4. It depends on what goes on in the thought process for a starred review. For me, five stars means I loved it; four, I really liked it; three, I liked it. There's nothing wrong with liking a book but not having it be your favorite for such and such a reason. Of course, I personally wouldn't continue reading anything that is less than three stars.

    Those thoughtful and thought-out reviews, no matter the starring, can be the most helpful. Just because something didn't work for one reader doesn't mean it won't for the next, and I like to keep that in mind when reviewing.

  5. I totally agree with Cherie. If I give three stars means I liked it. It for sure wasn't one of my favorites, but that could simply be because it wasn't the type of book I like to read. But if by chance I give a book outside my preferred genre four or five stars, then it really means something. I feel too many people are afraid to tell it like they feel, thus their four and five star ratings are diluted.

  6. Just today I blogged about my 78-year-old neighbor who bashed one of my manuscripts because it scared her to death...but that's a good thing, because the genre is horror, no?

  7. I'll be the first to admit that my reviews are brutal. So are my critiques and my beta reads. I don't so the authors can improve, not to be mean or say that I could have done a better job - because I can't write anyone else's story for them. My overall star rating doesn't always reflect my review. I can enjoy a book and rate it as a 4 or 5 - but still pick it apart and examine the parts I didn't like. Just me.

  8. Sometimes it can be hard to put things into words when you're not gushing over a book you've read. But I think the honest yet polite reviews are the best!

  9. If I don't like a book I generally do not review it. I think it is more important to read the content of a person's review and not get too caught up with the number of stars. People have subjective reasons for giving a book a number, but what they write in the review tells much more. I know some reviewers that reserve 5 for the most awesome book ever and consider a four star outstanding. I also see reviewers who reduce the star number because the genre was not one that they care for, but the review raves about the author's talent, characters, plot etc.

    I admire you for being excited about a three star review and for seeing that the content of the review speaks louder than any number.


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