Friday, November 25, 2011

Robin, welcome to my Writer's Cave!

I've basically gone AWOL for the past month--I hope you haven't given up on me. Sorry. I've decided to set a lofty goal for myself and that is to complete 2 novels before the year is out.

I started writing Darkwraith over a month ago, Darkspell's sequel. Well, since I've never officially written a sequel before, this has been a HUGE challenge. So my muse decided to take me into another direction.

Enter Kursed. It's a story about a Gothic boy who ran into a family curse that changes him into a soul-eating demon. I started this under a month ago and I've reached the 57K word mark. Still going. It's flowed, ebbed, and flowed again.

My muse has rewarded me. Now I have many ideas on how to expand on Darkwraith and I'm excited to get back to that as soon as Kursed is done!

That's where I've been. I intend to remain low for the rest of this month as well as December.

I hope to draw from the eternal waters of inspiration, motivation and creativity as I fly--sometimes trudge--through my writing journey.

Where are you at in your writing goals? Are you meeting them? Are they running away from you?


  1. It's great to hear the writing is going so well. Enjoy!

  2. I'm amazed you can get so much writing done in such a short time.

    My goals at the moment are to get the current round of re-writes done on my first book and do the second draft of the sequel by Christmas, then start writing the third in January.

  3. Glad your muse is being very nice to you! Yay!! Good luck with the sequel writing! take care

  4. Sequels have both easy aspects and challenges. I'm still mulling over an idea for my third and final book.

  5. Sarah, thank you! <3

    Paul, those are fantastic goals. I wish you the best! :)

    Jennifer, Thank you. I need all the luck with my sequel. *sigh*

    Alex, wow, good for you. I wish you the best. Glad you have your 2nd book all done!

    Glynis, thank you! :)

  6. I think I know that muse, Elizabeth. :@)


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