Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Envy Penvy and a Bunch of Insecure Writers...

I'd like to take advantage of this time and thank the awesome folks who made my Book Launch possible!

Congratulations, Alex Cavanaugh,
you've won Darkspell poster!

Congratulations, Erin Danzer
you've won $10 Amazon gift certificate!

Congratulations, Tristi Pinkston,
you've won an ecopy of Darkspell!

Now for our regularly scheduled program. ;)

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It seems that there is always something new each month, doesn't there? My baggage is comparing myself. That's one of the most destructive human behaviors that I have a hard time getting rid of.

It used to be comparing how neat a friend's house is compared to mine, but now, it's how much more happening other blogs, facebookers are compared to mine. I'm all over the place, I feel, blogging, commenting, following, and yet, it's slower than a snail's trail here.

I know how Alex does it, but with a family of 4 kids among other things that rip me apart, how do I keep up with him? I can't.

I spoke with a friend of mine last month about my feelings. She tells me to think about losing the most important thing--this would put all petty qualms into perspective.

You know what? She's right. 

By golly, I am doing my darndest here in my nook and it's my downfall to compare myself. I love to encourage and uplift others and now I should feed myself my own meds: It's okay, I'm doing my best and I should be happy with what I can do. End of story.

How do you squelch envying?


  1. I don't think you can squelch it, not unless you're a zen master. But as long as you don;t hang onto it and get back to doing your own thing I don't think it's all that destructive. I hope.

    Moody Writing
    The Funnily Enough

  2. Hooorah for all the winners! Yay!!

    Ooh the green eyed monster!! It's natural to have this creature lurking within but it's best to use this as positively as possible - concentrate on your own positives for example.

    Take care

  3. Congraulations to all the winners. I am envious of the wins so how could I even begin to advise how to stop it?

  4. For a while I used to envy bloggers with more readers/followers etc. But then I decided to do what is right for me...which means spending more time on the writing then trying to build a blogging platform. There are superstars out there doing it all sure...but something has to give. Your friend is wise.

  5. I don't envy. Other people's success motivates me, though I do delve into some self-doubt moments.

  6. I don't. I'm so happy that I know so many awesome people. You included!!! =)

  7. Congratulations to the lucky winners! Thank you, Elizabeth, for hosting this magical event.

    Hmm...I try to replace it with positive thoughts.

  8. When I start comparing my blog to others, I end up not blogging. The key for me is to focus on my own writing and writing what interests me. Others will like it or not, but I can't control that.

    Congrats to the winners!

  9. Congratulations to the winners. I think envy is human nature, it's how you react to it that counts, and you seem to have it right :-)

  10. Moody, you're so right. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Jennifer, thanks for the idea, you're right!

    Gail, good question... :( Darkspell's book launch runs all day today, you're more than welcome to join and win a e-copy or paper back of Darkspell:


    Liza, I'm happy to hear that you were able to find a happy way in it. I need to do the same. Thank you!

    Em, great! I'm glad that's something that helps you.

    E, aw! Thank you! I need to count my blessings and friends like you, too. <3

    Jamie, you're welcome! You're right. It's funny, but I go in cycles with this thing. Ugh... so annoying.

    Brianna, you're right, thank you for the amazing tip. I'll remember and apply. *hugs*

    Sarah, I love that. Thank you so much!

  11. Hey, haha, you get WAY more comments than me. You go girl! As for squelching sad thoughts? Hmmm, the distraction technique is always the best thing I've found. Go hug a kid or a dog or a really cute guy!

  12. You're doing great! Don't fret about the numbers. I have a hard time with that too. But your book just came out! That's so incredibly awesome. I hope thinking about it puts a big smile on your face. =)

  13. Congrats to the winners and your book launch! I'm just like you well without the 4 kids but I see others and think oh my how do they do it? I run an online business and an offline one and there are days where i barely can post let alone visit others. If you figure out the secret of not comparing please let me know!

  14. Oh wow! That is so cool. I think you still have my publisher's address.
    I never placed big expectations on myself or my book, so there was never the big envy. After this past week, all envy is gone...

  15. If you're positive and believe in yourself thats what really counts. I reckon its natural to feel a little bit envious at times, but if its all consuming its toxic and a waste of energy. You have to have faith in your own ability and know that youre good enough as you are. sorry, rant over! Congratulations Elizabeth on your book launch, thats fabulous. i look forward to reading it :))

  16. p.s thank you for your cool comment on my other blog!:))

  17. I am not sure if i should call it envy, but i know i beat myself up mentally when other seem to be better than me. I try to work hard and smart but sometimes that just isn't enough!So, i do understand what you are talking about. Great post! :)

  18. Congrats to the winners!

    Envy, um, that can be an energy sucker. It's hard to stay focused on your personal goals when others are achieving theirs so much easier and sooner, or so it seems. Not true. There is always a story behind the story.


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