Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Writers Support 4 U: Dying Young

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So many things are going on right now with my writing career, I'm not sure where to start. I haven't written fresh in Darkspell's sequel for about 3 weeks now because I'm juggling my internet presence hard! I've been trying to recruit minions who are willing to help me. I offer swag as well as behind-the-scenes stuff with Darkspell and other fun things.

I've been thinking about places I could book sign and how to present to them.

I wonder if it'll ever die down, or if my life will always and forever be a roller coaster? Having children to take care of is crazy enough, will I die young?

What about you, how do you keep up with your marketing and writing and life?


  1. I'll let you know when I have something to amrket :-)

    Keep rocking the crazy, just remember to have fun!

  2. Yeah, you know that word should say market :-)

  3. I agree with Sarah. Make sure to have fun with it. The day goes by so much faster with a smile. =)

  4. I make plans and have goals...but am flexible to allow the universe to guide me. ALWAYS when looking back, my path took me to exactly where I should be. I just need to trust. Then I need to trust trust.

  5. Right now I'm focusing balancing everyday life with my writing.

    Good luck to you! I'm sure it will slow down and you'll be able to have some down time and focus on your next book. Then you should be ready for the next roller coaster ride. :)

  6. Sarah--lol, yes I knew. ;) That's true, it's crazy!

    E, you're right. Crazy little life...

    Em, that's true. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

    Jamie, balance! That's the key! Thank you.

  7. Elizabeth...you will balance everything, so don't worry lady. Pre-launch days are hectic, you will soon settle down.

  8. Oh wow - such exciting amazing times for you!! What a rollercoaster ride for you!! Enjoy! Take care

  9. I'm part Ninja.
    Seriously, I do what I can in all areas and don't freak if something falls short. It's not quite that crazy all the time, but it can still consume you if you let it.

  10. I haven't figured it out yet, either, but I;ll let you know if I ever get a real handle on things. :) Figuring out the balance is a difficult and ongoing process.

  11. Well, I sure hope you don't die young! I haven't had it too bad yet. The marketing hasn't really started up yet, but just juggling all the kids can be crazy enough sometimes.

  12. I just write when my little one is in bed, so I'm pretty busy with just that, marketing's a whole other big job! I'll get there one day:))


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