Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tough Skin?

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Believe it or not, I've been needing to find my other thick skin. I know as aspiring authors, we are pushed to develop thick skins from critiques, rejections, changes, and so on. It hurts to have someone tell us that we need to rewrite it because then we believe that we aren't good enough.

But there is another sort that looms after the book has sold to a publisher. The feeling of rejection doesn't stop there...

What if the readers don't like it?

What do I do when I get a bad review?

I've had several published friends feel so bummed with the fact that they got a 1 or 2 star rating, or if a reader said some awful things about their books. I'm cringing here, and Darkspell isn't out yet! I have yet to find another layer of skin--and this one might have to be thicker because now it will be made public rather than private and between you and the other person.

How do you deal with thick-skin moments?


  1. Chocolate. And a good sulk. Then more chocolate! :-)

    Awww Elizabeth - your book will do brilliantly!! Yes it will!! Yay! take care

  2. Look away. I now know why Hollywood actors stay away from gossip mags. You did it. Now you get to enjoy it. =)

  3. Yeah, that's hard. A glass of wine, and a nice action flick tend to just about do it.

    If that isn't enough, then I read Slaughter House Five because Billy Pilgrim's life sucks so much more than mine ever could. So it goes. !

    Good luck, I'm sure you'll rock!

  4. Its something we all have to deal with, Elizabeth. Slowly, you will develop such a thick skin, you will wonder how you did it.

  5. First, I love that orange pic! Clever.

    I too have thought of bad reviews (and I haven't even gotten picked up by a publisher yet). I cringe to think of them, but I will have to KEEP telling myself that reading is subjective, and there is NO WAY everyone is going to love my book. Not everyone loves the HARRY POTTER books, even, and look how generally popular those are!

    Yep, we'll develop that thicker skin. Just like we did when we first joined a critique group.

  6. Jennifer, chocolate? Mmmm, sounds delicious to me. Aw, thank you...

    E, you're right. Thank you--I'll need to remember that.

    Rena--lol! Thanks.

    Rachna, I look forward to the day. Thank you!

    Carol, you're SO right. Thanks for your thoughts, I need to remember and live it!

  7. Honestly? I cry - but only when I'm alone :-)

  8. I pray because I know my Lord will protect me and whatever comes we'll face it together. After that, chocolate is okay too (dark semi-sweet).

    Elizabeth, you will be fine, I've seen what you can do. A little over a week to go. The tipster and I know it's going to go well.

  9. You balance the good with the bad! On the same day my publisher forwarded a less than stellar review of my book from Publisher's Weekly, they also forwarded one from Library Journal comparing me to Robert Heinlein and Star Wars. Some people just won't get it, but that's all right!

  10. I agree with what Alex said. You have to find a balance between the highs and lows you come across in your writing career.

  11. Sarah--oh... *HUGS* My kids know how I look like when I cry. Lol...

    Anthony, thank you so much for your sweetness. I need to be strong and know that the Lord wanted me to do this! :)

    Alex, your poor author heart. Aaack! You're my hero. :)

    Sharon, thank you, I'll forge on and remember to bear that mantle as it comes. Thank you!

  12. chocolate fudge brownie ice cream...and lots of prayers. I'm in your same spot right now. Humbly freaking out and my book comes out next month.

    Good luck ;)

  13. Oh Elizabeth, you wonderful lady! I had such a marvelous time with you at the Brigham library the other day. I've really missed you!

    I'm hoping when I have to sprout thicker skin, that my feel-goods aren't a bog of quicksand so negative stuff won't sink in. - I'm such a worrywart, I don't know how I'll do it!
    But you know what? You're so amazing, accomplished, talented, and on-top-of-things, that I have no doubt you'll master the tough skin thing too! It's so awesome to know that every author has negative stuff thrown at them no matter how good they are - now that makes me feel better!

    I'm so excited for your book launch! I put your Spookfesta button on my blog and I joined the Darkspell Launch Spookfesta! Wahoo! I can't wait to read your book!

    You are such a fantastic person, you know that?! I'm so happy I got to hang out with you this week! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  14. Great picture. That's just what we do when we put our work out there for the public to read--expose our citrussy goodness, haha. It's impossible to please everyone, just remember that if/when you get a not-so-great review, but it would be a shame to keep the story from those who'll love it just because of those foolish mortals, right?

  15. Donna, well said!

    Brenda, thank you! You're such a sweet lady! I'm thinking since we both have the same emotion about critique groups, we should try to be writing partners. What do you think? (Remember what we talked about at the library?) Let me know what you think! elizabeth.mueller.authorATgmail

    Nicki, Lol! True, true. Thank you for the words of comfort. That's something I'll always need to remember. Thank you!


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