Friday, October 7, 2011

Fantastic Friday Writers: Holidays

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Holidays and celebrations are fun and happy, right? They don't always have to be. As readers, we want something that is bright and entertaining--bigger than life. Maybe with some intensive scenes that are not necessarily cheery.

When I write about party scenes, I love to throw in tension. In one of Darkspell's deleted scenes, I had my characters attend a masque ball for Halloween. They danced and flirted and fought. Two boys became angry over Winter and crashed the party with their rivalry.

I've written about the ancient Viking wedding celebration where the groom becomes what the bride's heart wishes him to be--human!

Another scene from my high fantasy novel, Tragic Innocence, a rich merchant returns safely from lost caverns and a celebration is held. The heroine participates by playing the harp--something she never dreamed she could do, which builds to her self-discovery.

I use celebrations sparingly in my work and only if it will move the story forward. For Darkspell, it didn't add to the book since I have Homecoming and Prom in there. Too many parties make it boring I think.

How do you season your book with parties?

Let's see what our FFW writers think!
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  1. Great post Elizabeth! I love adding tension with parties, it adds more of an exciting mix. :)

  2. Depends. I think for some novels, paying attention to holidays or special rituals can add to the world building. My novel is set in the future and so I thought it would be interesting to show how certain holidays and events had evolved and changed into something else. Has to fit with the story, though. And, yes, tension, tension, tension!

  3. Am really excited for you, Elizabeth. I like the idea of adding tension with parties, cool idea.

  4. I didn't in the first book, but the second one has a local festival. Had fun with it!

  5. Amy, how true that is!

    L.G., Great point! Yes, tension makes the book! ;)

    Rachna, thank you!

    Alex, oooh, how exciting! :D

  6. I have a hard time with parties because of all the extra characters and not being sure what to do with them or how to fit them in.

    I wonder if you have any advice about that. It would probably make a good blog post.

  7. I rarely put in parties because of the number of characters issue. However, if you can just focus on a few characters at a party, it could be fun. Dinner parties are as far as I've gone.

  8. For some reason I prefer fall for setting. Lends itself very well for Halloween parties!

    Nice post!

  9. My next Wip has just the one, but boy, do things blow up there!
    Great post and looking forward to your release

  10. I don't have a party in this story, but you're right. They're a great way to add tension. People watching others, spying, fighting,... so much potential!


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