Monday, October 17, 2011

Marketing Crazy Days

Please remember to sign up for Darkspell Launch Spookfesta party for October 31st here--coolawesome prizes!

I have to confess that it's been TONS of work working with just one book. I would have to say much more intense than writing and submitting queries. You've got to keep up appearances with every network so as to keep your name in circulation. That's just online stuff. I've been taking mental notes of every place I could do signings as well as getting them to carry my book. I don't know how much marketing the big publishers do for you, but mine is small, but I'm happy to push my book along. It's certainly a growing experience!

Have you signed up for Darkspell Launch Spookfesta party? Check it out, there are cool prizes to be won!

Have you thought of marketing ideas for your book? What fun stuff do you have planned for your big day?


  1. Thank you for stopping by today Elizabeth :) The Secret Santa is indeed shaping up to be great fun and hopefully the start of a tradition for my blog.

    Loved reading the first chapter of Darkspell, must admit the description of the outside of the house and then inside had me drooling!

  2. Carmen, really? I'm glad you liked the house's description. I had fun writing it, too! I'm so happy that you're having success with your Secret Santa! *hugs*

  3. I love your author portrait! What a fab day for you to release your book, the cover looks amazing!

    I can only imagine the hard work it is to market a book. I guess I'd try to be as active as I can in my social networks and contact my local libraries and bookshops to see if I could do any talks around the subjects in my story. It would be an interesting challenge coming up with different ideas!

  4. Jayne, so much to do. I love your ideas, those are wonderful! Public speaking has never been my forte, I wonder how I'll survive!


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