Wednesday, September 21, 2011

. . . or is it Just Me?

Fantastic news, bloggie friends! I've recently learned that Darkspell releases October 31st! Like my countdown timer on my sidebar near the top?

More fantastic news! I've posted a preview of my first chapter!

Stay tuned for a very special announcement this Friday regarding Darkspell, my YA Paranormal Romance! ;)

Now for our regularly programmed post:

I think I'm high maintenance. There are many times that I want to visit a friend's house and write quietly while the kids sleep for the night. Where we can read our passages and laugh at our characters' antics or bounce ideas off of each other or work through a tangle of writers block.

It would be awfully nice to critique with this person and even daydream about the settings we've created.

I've longed for a friend who takes writing seriously enough that she wouldn't cancel out because it's only me and her showing up to a meeting, but who would make the most with every quiet moment for writing.

How freeing would it be to find someone who shares the passion of writing just a equally as you who would need you just as much as you need her?  Imagine the far places you'd travel with this kind of support!

Is this something that every writer wants, or is it just me?


  1. First, Wooo Hooo on the release! And second, you are not alone. If you lived here, I'd take you with me to the MVRWA retreat this weekend up on a beautiful lake in Michigan. We brainstorm our little writer brains off, we laugh, flesh out stories, and share our fears and successes. Writers need the support of other writers. Wish you lived closer.

  2. Congrats on all the great things happening with your book! That kind of friend would be great.

  3. Em, Thank you! :) Oh, thank you for your thoughtfulness. That sounds like a fantastic writerly dream. *Sigh* Have lots of fun for us both! *hugs*

    Kerri, thank you! It's been a battle for me to find friends like that! Wishing you'd live closeby so we could consort against our MCs--lol!

  4. I actually used to have this when I lived on Cape Cod. My friend Mary and I got together every friday night to write and read each other's work. It was wonderful *sigh*

  5. Yay for your book!!!

    My bestest friend in the whole world shares my enthusiasm. Unfortunately life gets in the way!

    Nevermind! :-) Take care

  6. That's excellent news about your release date! Such an awesome date for it, too.

    I think every writer wants a friend who is as passionate as they are about writing. I'm lucky in that both my crit partners are just as enthusiastic and eager as I am.

  7. Marcy! I miss that--I used to do that with my sister too. I know what you're feeling. *HUGS*

    Jennifer, you're cute. Yes, life is very demanding isn't it? *Sigh*

    Paul, that's wonderful! What a blessing you've got going on! :D

  8. Halloween is a great release day! Congratulations, Elizabeth. And I've never thought about writing with someone else like that. I doubt we could hear each other over the loud music.

  9. What a fantastic release day! :) I think we'd all like a writing friend. I don't have anyone except cyber friends to talk about writing with. It's why conventions are such a big thrill for me.

  10. Congrats on your release date! Give a shout if you are doing a blog tour--I'd be happy to host you!

    As for the compadre... writing for me is really solitary. i love getting together with writer friends for fun--whether one on a dozen, but I prefer that feedback piece be emailed back and forth--I feel like I do a better job with feedback when the other person isn't sitting there, and I feel awkward present when somebody reads. i think it works best my writer's group is sprawled across the globe.

  11. Yeah for your release date! No, it's not just you. I think we all long for that.

  12. Love the countdown timer - and congrats on the upcoming release! :)

  13. Congrats on the release date!

    I don't think it's just you. I've had the wonderful blessing of having friends just like this--sometimes just two of us, sometimes three of us getting together for an overnight trip or a weekend, sometimes four of us, and when we all got together, there were plenty of times we'd all just have our laptops out, working away...and it was amazing that we could have that.

  14. Congratulations on your book, we are very happy for you. My spouse, the education tipster, is working on a YA historical novel and she reads to me and we discuss it back and forth. Me personally, I write alone.

  15. Alex, good for you that you can write through blasting music. I couldn't! ;)

    Christine--I hear you! That's the way it is for me as well. *sigh* ;) And they are like family reunions, too!

    Hart, that's fantastic that you do it that way. That's the way it is for me. It's great, too. My sister spoiled me as my writer buddy.

    Angie... *hugs* Good friends are hard to find, so glad that I have you!

    Amy, thank you!

    Laura, oh, lucky duck! I want one!

    Anthony, thank you! Oh, how nice for husband and wife to share such a passion! <3

  16. That's great news on your release date, congratulations :-)

    Who wouldn't love a friend like you've described?


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