Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ebook Signing?

So more and more eBooks are selling and brick and morter are becoming the thing of the past--like good customer service.

Call me old fashioned, but the more we're pushed to electronic craze, the more I resist and want to hold onto the feel of cold paper in my hands! According to a vote I set up on my blog, more people chose a hardcopy book compared to the eBook--but sales are pitching for the e's!

Am I missing something?

 Will libraries become the thing of the past? Where will kids go to check out their colorful picture books? I can't imagine little kids being too careful with a send-home e-reader!

I hear how authors are worried about about book signings. Is it possible to still retain the old ways of bookdom and hold book signings?

Here's what I stumbled across at the New York Times:

"And that’s only going to become more common. By 2015, sales of eBooks in the United States are expected to triple to nearly $3 billion, according to Forrester Research. But the sea change has created a dilemma: what, then, do authors autograph at book signings?"

After reading this article, how do you feel about your photograph taken with your fans as your "autograph"?

One thing is for sure . . . times are certainly changing!

What is your view on eBooks v. printed books?


  1. I absolutely prefer hardcopy books over ebooks. I love the feel and smell of a paperback. They're a joy to have.

    That said, I'm not so much a fan of hardbacks. I find them pretty uncomfortable to hold for very long. I much prefer covers that bend to fit my grip. So if I were reading a series and had to choose between hardcover, ebook, or waiting another year for paperback, I would probably prefer to get the ebook first, then pick up a paperback copy once it was out.

    Funnily enough, I love the idea of having pictures taken as an alternative to an autograph.

  2. I love real books. The only time I look longingly towards a Kindle is when I'm trying to fit eight novels into my suitcase.
    Imagine not being able to sign any copies of your very own book? That would be miserable. ;)

  3. Oooh I think there will be room for both - print and e-books! I have faith in that! I hope I'm right! I hope libraries survive in physical form too - they are evolving too but continue to be custodians of all things literary - in whatever form! Take care

  4. Real books are the hands-down winner for me. I doubt I will ever join in the craze for e-books.

    There is something about the smell of a new book that makes me want to bury my nose in it, figuratively and literally.

  5. I don't mind the ending of book signings, as they're a really weak way to sell books unless you've already got quite a large following. But I vote for print books as my favorite format for just curling up and enjoying a good read.

  6. I love the smell of books. What does a Kindle smell like? Sweaty palms? I do think there's room for both. Hmm? A pic with the author? Don't know about that, but I guess celebs do it.

  7. I will always buy books in all forms, but I must admit I prefer reading on my Kindle. It's so handy to have it and be able to pick almost any book to read (that's on the device, of course). I review a lot of books and I mainly get ARCs as ebooks, so the Kindle is definitely better than lugging my laptop around. Plus I never have to worry about losing my place.

    That said, I don't know what will happen to book signings, although I agree with KarenG about them being a weak way to sell books. I do like pictures with authors. That'd be cool too.

    Kindle does have a way to have authors sign ebooks, though, that are on their list. It's called KindleGraph. Authors can personalize it, and then the electronic file is updated with the author's signature. So the book signing will never die as long as people find new ways to do it.

  8. I'm not much on physical appearances anyway, but the idea of my fans having my photo scare me!
    I confess - I only buy eBooks now. Reading on my iPad is the coolest thing ever.

  9. When I go garage sale-ing I often see 331/3 rpm vinyl record albums for sale. Can you even get needles anymore? I think in 50 years more and more printed books will be at garage sales. I think Guttenberg would be very sad, even though his book printing concept has been around all these centuries. Sure, I love the printed word on paper but when I'm gone the electronic format will be firmly entrenched. They say you can't stop progress, but you don't have to like it.

  10. Paul, it is what it is, I suppose. I can't stop the moon from rising. I hope that whatever the future has in store for us that it works for our betterment that moves us forward as authors! :)

    Elaine--I think that would be hard! And there would be no more book marks. :(

    Jennifer, ooh! I didn't think of that. I don't think libraries will ever become a thing of the past because it's a place of sanity and a place to borrow books. *crossing fingers*

    Gail, me too! I hope print books don't become obsolete. *Fretting*

    Karen, oh yes... I love curling up with a good book and sinking into a tubful of bubbles!

    Em, sweaty palms! Lol... I think pics would be way cool. :)

    Cherie, I love how you said, "as long as people find new ways to do it." I guess I shouldn't fear because there will always be the invention to make up for losses. Right?

    Alex, that would be SO cool to get a photo with you! ;)

    Anthony, Oh, so true! Progress is bursting the seams of time and we must move forward. *sigh*

  11. I'm still very much a die-hard paper fanatic.

    I would love to see my book in print on bookshelves, and I have also wondered how an e-book author would go about book signing. Thanks for providing some answers.

  12. @kindlegraph - the e-signing of the future! If they can make it work right, that is.

    I'm firmly in the e-camp, but just tonight I bought a hardcover book, so they're not going away.

  13. Botanist, you're welcome! I've been mulling over this prospect and hoping that something wonderful flourishes for us authors!

    Susan, Arg! I hope they get things straightened out soon... Good to see that hardcovers aren't a thing of the past. Yet. *gulp*

  14. Although I've just published my first e-book, I prefer hardcopy books as well, just like most of you here :-) I love wandering around in "real" libraries, taking books out of the shelves, sitting down and immersing myself in the first chapter... I can't imagine my home without bookshelves.

    I think e-books are great for new and aspiring authors to publish their books at a minimum of expenses - and to be able to publish them at all! I totally agree with those of you here who'd love to see their books in print. I'll keep my fingers crossed for all of us that it's going to happen! :-)

    And a picture of the author? I don't mind, I'm timeless ;-)

  15. Bertha, great words! They strike the sentimental chord inside of me and I feel a strong sense of nostalgia for the printed word even though books are still around. I hope that they never go out of style, but become a choice for people like the flavors of ice cream!

  16. Hello. Quite an old thread, but there's no expiration to give hope... Well, I absolutely understand your concern (I'm a French novelist published both in paperback and digital), but I would like you to know that from now, the ebook signing/dedication is possible everywhere and at any time with Dedee, available on Until now, the existing solutions were on iPad, connected and with membership... Dedee is on PC and Mac, offline and with a one-time payment only. You can use it at home, in fair, everywhere. Hoping you'll appreciate. Eric (author of Dedee and novelist - sorry for my English, but Dedee itself has been proofread by a native, of course ; don't worry;).

    1. Hi, Eric! Enjoyed your French! Thanks for your information. There is never an expiration date on hope. :)


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