Thursday, September 22, 2011

Darkspell Launch Spookfesta

First, I'd like to give special recognition to the ingenious Talli Roland for letting me borrow her idea for Darkspell's Launch. Thank you, Talli--you're a doll.

Today is the day where I start Darkspell's official countdown to its much-praised launch date of October 31st! Halloween, can you believe that?

So what is involved in this countdown and what makes it so special? I've created an illustration for every chapter, and I will post each consecutive chapter for every day that passes until Halloween. Guess what? When we've hit the 39th chapter, Darkspell will become available to everyone!

And the illustration countdown begins today!

Darkspell will be available on Amazon as well as other ebook hotspots--yes, Kindle too. Yay!

I'd love to christen Darkspell by brewing up an online "If I had all the magic in the world, I'd ..." spookfesta. On Halloween day and just for fun, post a photograph of *what you'd do with your magic, and share with me what you'd do if you discovered that you had all the magic in the world at your fingertips. Create world peace? Turn the ocean into ice cream? Fly to the moon? The universe is the limit--oops, actually, there are no limits.

For those who don't have blogs--no sweat. On your Facebook status post 'If I had all the magick in the world, I'd ..." in your status and tag me (@Author Elizabeth Mueller) so I can sneak up on you and add you to my prize list, and as for Twitter, hashtag #darkspell.

If you're interested on joining Darkspell Launch Spookfesta, please sign up in the form below -or- leave a comment! On All Hallow's Eve, I will post the links of everyone who has entered so we could enjoy the magical time. All Spookfesters will be entered into my drawing of a $10 Amazon gift certificate, an autographed copy of my Darkspell Poster, and a copy of Darkspell!

This is all just for fun, please don't feel pressured--you are welcome to drop by on Halloween and hop around everyone's link just to say hi, but as always, I'm forever grateful for any help and support you offer!
I would appreciate any help you can give by spreading the word--thank you!

*post has been updated


  1. Yay!! Good luck Elizabeth!! Fab spooky idea for Halloween!! Yay! take care

  2. I'll have a think about what I might do :-)

    Love the picture.

  3. Congratulations Elizabeth. What a FUN blogfest. I can't wait. As soon as I get a chance I will post and put your button on my blog. This is terrific. Halloween is such a magical time.

  4. Yay! Lots of fun! ;)

  5. Great idea Elizabeth - you can count me in!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  6. Best wishes Elizabeth, I can feel the tension as you count down the days.

  7. Jennifer, thank you! :)

    Sarah, I can't wait to see. XD

    Alex, Oh, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Michael, thank you! See you Halloween. :)

    Laura, yay! I hope to see you there. <3

    Amy--hooray! Thank you! *hugs*

    Anthony, lol... tell me about it!

  8. Gorgeous cover and illustration!!

  9. You are so talented! Writing and illustrating, wow. The cover of your book is amazing, and how perfect that you're going to get Oct 31st to launch. Yay!

  10. J.L, oh, thank you SO much! *hugs*

    Liz, thank you. :D

    Lydia, thank you. I'm excited! :)

  11. I posted it in my side bar. Sounds like a lot of fun.

    Good luck with the launch :)


  12. It'll be cool to see your illustrations!

  13. Ali, you should see them between the pages--they are stunning! :D

  14. Yay - so looking forward to this... have borrowed your button for my sidebar and will post about it nearer the time too

  15. Halloween, this is the perfect day for your book to be released. I am new to your blog and I signed up. I am looking forward to reading about how everyone would use their magic powers.

    It is nice to meet you.

  16. Laura, thank you SO much, you rock! :D

    Melissa, thank you, and thank you! It's great to meet you too! <3

  17. Hey, Elizabeth---I finally decided what to do w/ all that magic and signed up! This is a very fun idea, and I'll proudly put your cover on my sidebar and tweet. :)

  18. Nicki, Yay! Thank you! I'm excited to see what kinda fun stuff you'd use your magic on! :D

  19. I'm just finding out about this but I would love to be part of the fest! I'm definitely looking forward to Darkspell's release so thanks for having this event! :-D


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