Sunday, July 17, 2011

Winner and some thoughts...

Congratulations, Sharlene T,  on winning the beautiful dragon scroll for my 2nd week of Darkspell's Pre Book Launch!

This is so fun, I love hosting giveaways and celebrating my book's debut as well as making so many friends and seeing my faithful followers--*HUGS* to you guys!

I apologize to my bloggie friends for not actively commenting on your blogs. I've been SO busy illustrating for Darkspell--I'm averaging about 3 drawings a day. I started this endeavor July 8th and only take Sundays off. Some of them take about 3 hours long, while others longer. I'm using my kids as models and transforming their features to suit Winter and Alex.

There are 39 chapters and I'm on picture number 23 and have 16 more to go! I'm so excited to see my book with all the gorgeous pencil-drawings I've been pushing myself to finish!

I've asked my publisher for her permission to display them. I will turn that into an event in honor of my Darkspell when the time is right!

Next week's giveaway:

All you have to do is comment on the blogs that are participating in my tour for that week and for extra entries, answer the questions I will post that Saturday!

Yippee, today is Sunday! Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. I'm enjoying following you around the blogosphere, Elizabeth!! Good luck with your tour and your drawings!! Amazing! Huge Yay to Sharlene T!! Take care

  2. How exciting, Elizabeth! I am so happy for you.

  3. Wow! The scroll is sooooo beautiful. I can't wait to give it its own special place in my office. So, exactly how does this blog tour work? Are you the guest blogger or the Q&A victim? I'm new at this. And, would like to participate in the Friday Fiction thingy*, too.

    *technical term for whaddoyacallit.

  4. Congratulations to Sharlene!
    And your book will look so gorgeous with those images inside.

  5. I love what you're doing with the artwork, Elizabeth. I have a few Clive Barker books that are illustrated and it just brings out the enjoyment of the experience. Much success to you.


  6. That's so cool that you draw! I used to-- but then I married an artist and gave it up because he is amazing--and I make him do it for me. A cop out, I know. (=

  7. Good luck in all your endeavors. How lucky your children are to have such a talented mother! :)

  8. Jennifer, thank you, it is quite the marathon over here!

    Alyssia, thank you! *hugs*

    Sharlene, I'm the guest blogger and I'm asking the questions for my victims for extra entries in the contest! ;) Sorry for the confusing rules... :(

    Alex, thank you! I can't wait!!!!

    James, thank you for saying that. I know what you mean, it creates a sense of awe as I read those kinds of books. ;)

    Jo, thank you! I've seen his art on your blog--gorgeous! <3

    Crystal, thank you so much, you're a sweetie! :)


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