Monday, July 25, 2011

Meet J.D. Brown!

Fun, innovative and sharp J.D Brown is interviewing me today! Find out after whom I based Winter off of--quite by accident, too!

Please drop by and say hi!

Don't miss this week's last drawing! 

To increase your chances to winning the Dark Shadows Lamp, please leave comments with the bloggers in the tour! The more you leave, the more entries you get!

This 27th and 28th I will be over at Anastasia's site!


  1. Hi, Elizabeth. Jennifer is my pal, so I will run right over to check it out...


  2. For a second I thought the lamp was a picture of your interviewer! That's why they don't let me out of the padded room much anymore, I guess.

  3. James, great, thank you! She's awesome!

    Hanny, LOL! Imagine that? ;)


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