Saturday, July 16, 2011

Here are more chances to win the Dragon Scroll and WINNER!

I've had to redraw for our last prize and here is the winner for Nox Arcana's Shadow of the Raven!

Congrats, Silvina, now you get to listen to the enchanting tunes I jammed to while illustrating Darkspell's art!*


Welcome to my Darkspell Pre Book Launch Celebration!

This is like a scavenger hunt. You will earn an entry for every correct answer you provide into the contact form as well as for every comment you leave at my friends' sites to win this prize!

Winner will be announced tomorrow!

Here are the links you need to visit:

July 12 M. S. Hatch

July 14 Susan Gourley

Here are the questions:

1-How do I write around my kids?

2-What is my favorite thing about Darkspell?

3-From which book did I get Darkspell's story idea?

4-What makes my villain interesting?

just for fun=2 extra entries!
* What is at least one question Winter asks Alex in my teaser?

Good luck!

NEW! I will enter all winners for an autographed copy of Darkspell!

*As a prelude to Darkspell's release, I will show off Darkspell's art gallery over at my website. Stay tuned!


  1. Good luck to everyone entering!! Yay for Silvina!! Take care

  2. congrats on the upcoming book, Elizabeth! :) Wishing you a nice weekend!

  3. Just call me Old Slo Poke. I didn't make it out of the starting gate on this contest/drawing.
    But your novel does look great and Heaven Knows, I do love a good read.
    *off to investigate*

  4. Your contest is great. Congrats to the winners.

  5. Jennifer, thank you! :)

    Dezmond, thank you--here too!

    Huntress, you're okay! Here's to this upcoming one! <3

    Alex--yes! We shall see who the winner is... :)

    Susan, thank you! :)


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