Friday, July 29, 2011

Fantastic Friday Writers on Technology!

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So today we are discussing Technology. I would love to see what our FFW friends say about it: AlexAnastasiaJ. D.DeirdreM. Pax, and Jeffrey. Surely more interesting than mine?

Hmmm . . . Technology? I've written only one book where it takes place around the 9th century where, on another planet, there lives an advanced species. Chengral is ordered by his queen to destroy their ancient colony who've now become the Vikings as we know them. He sails across space in his ship and lands in the forest and tracks these humans. He is no robot nor machine but a creature whom the Vikings label as a demon by his mere appearance.

That's my extent of my technology knowledge in writing!

I can tell you what I think of it as a reader! I think it's fantastic and mesmerizing if it's given in tolerable dosages throughout the novel. If it's saturated, I become bored and lose interest . . .  It's death for the book in my view, but isn't that what we're being taught as aspiring authors--things in moderation?

Do you disagree? How do you view technology in books? How do you write about it?


  1. My current WIP set in the 31st century has a lot of technology in it, but I was careful to not go into long descriptions. I treated it as just being part of the setting, like any other world. Hopefully, I've got the balance right.

    Thank you for posting a link to my blogfest!

    Ellie Garratt

  2. I keep away from things I don't know and don't know a lot about and one of them is tech speak, know-how and ins and outs! LOL!!

    Yay for your book tour!!!!! Take care

  3. Technology baffles me but big blessings on those who understand it.


  4. Tolerable doses - my thoughts exactly! I don't need a lot of details.

  5. I like reading about technology, but not if it goes into long explanations of it. In real life, my husband is the gadget man and I stay away lest I break something! If I have to write tech into a story, I give a few little specific details and let the reader fill in the rest.

  6. Ellie--I stayed up late last night writing my Star Trek post! Thank you for hosting it <3
    It sounds like you're a cautious author with your technology into the setting, what a smart way to do it!

    Jennifer, as do I! I may mess it up and make my story become unbelievable! Lol...

    Manzanita, I agree with you on that one!

    Alex, you know, I should get off my tail and read your book! I bet yours is a great example for scifi!

    Christine, lol! I have a gadget boy here at home. He knows tons about gadgets too and he's my fixit man while my hubby runs his truck. I think your method is fantastic--I need to read up on more science fiction in order to know how to do it right!

    Click here for my Darkspell giveaway--entries a no brainer. Hurry, ends July 31!

  7. I actually like it when there are details and explanations of the technology in the books I read--but it's also nice to just read a story with technology that's everyday and easy to pick up on.

  8. Magic or lack of tech is still tech and something we work on as setting and the like.

    Yay on Darkspell. :D


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