Sunday, July 31, 2011

A contest, a Winner, Winners and more Winners!

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I'd love to thank everyone who commented along for Darkspell's Pre Book Launch Tour--THANK YOU!

Also, a big thank you to my bloggie friends who helped make this happen--you guys rocked Darkspell's world: 

As a thanks for their time and energy and love, I am entering my buddies for a drawing of Darkspell!

The winner is Konstanz Silverbow!

Congratulations Anthony Stemke, you've won the Dark Shadows Lamp!

I had drawn 4 winners (S.B. Niccum, Sharlene T, Alex J. Cavanaugh, and Anthony Stemke) over the entire course of my Pre Book Launch in July. Out of the four, one will win a signed copy of Darkspell!
Drum roll, please . . .

Congratulations Sharlene, you've won a signed copy of Darkspell! Please let me know if there's anything special on how you'd like for me to sign it! But wait, here's what you're in for: I drew the illustrations for my own novel and they are gorgeous!

Those who delve into Elizabeth Mueller's fascinating and delightful debut novel, Darkspell, are in for a very special treat: Illustrations. The author, whose story-telling skills are through the roof, is also a professional artist who has painstakingly brought each chapter to life with a visual treat every reader will find themselves studying over and over. Take my word for it, as a professional fine and portrait artist for more than 30 years, Elizabeth Mueller's art blows my mind! 
~ Ellen C. Maze, Bestselling author of Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider/book designer for Darkspell

Drawing for the 2nd Dark Shadows Lamp: The Shadoweaver's watchers hunted high and low for your chance at winning another Dark Shadows Lamp if you had posted my Pre Book Launch's button on your sidebar and after much labor, they had conspired who their next victim will be:

Congratulations, Sue Roebuck, you've won the Dark Shadows Lamp!

All winners, please contact or email me as soon as you can!


Again, thank those of you who shared Darkspell's spirit and Elizabeth Love who made this possible! 

Want another shot at winning my book? Here's your chance:
Click here for my signed copy of Darkspell--hurry, ends tonight!


Author's treat: stay tuned for Darkspell's Illustration Gallery display soon!
*Special promotional price for signed copy of 12.95 ends midnight July 31st. Pre-order option will be unavailable until books hit the market this fall.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and WELL DONE Elizabeth with a most enjoyable and successful book tour! All the best with Darkspell!! Take care

  2. Thanks again! Hope the tour was a big success and when the book launches, it's huge.

  3. What a busy month you've had. It was great having you on my blog. Keep the momentum going!

  4. Jennifer, thank you! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it. *hugs*

    Alex, thank you, me too! :D

    Susan, yes, indeed! Yes, I will do the best I can, but I need this next week off--poor kiddles.

    Thanks for your TLC, guys! :*


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