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Melissa penned her first novel at the age of thirteen and has been writing consistently for fifteen years. She has completed ten young adult novels and several short stories. Her preferred genre is young adult but she writes non-fiction and children’s books as well. Her calling is to connect with others and give hope through writing. Melissa's debut YA science fiction novel, MY BEGINNING, will be published by Lucky Press, LLC on July 1st, 2011. Learn more about Melissa and her books at

 I've had the wonderful opportunity to interview the brave Ivory from Melissa Kline's My Beginning.

Are you guys ready? Here we


So I chanced Ivory on her way out, but we had to be sneaky or we would've been caught! Whew!

MY BEGINNING is a young adult science fiction novel about sixteen-year-old Ivory, a girl who has spent her entire life sealed in an institution. A devastating plague wiped out scores of people and animals, polluting the earth and requiring that children never venture outside. Or is that all a lie? Ivory and Aidan decide to find out. They escape the institution and find a world unlike anything they had ever known.

Ivory's Interview - Institution Living:

E: What do you remember from your early childhood? 

I remember feeling happy and optimistic about life. The mother nurses who raised us were patient and compassionate. The plague and outside troubles were kept secret until we were transferred into the main building. 

E: Do you know anything about your biological parents? Did they survive the plague?

Unfortunately, I don't know anything about my biological parents other than the fact that they died from the plague. I think of them often and fantasize of their existence.

E: Tell me what a typical day is like at the institute?

Dull and monotonous. Every day is filled with the same daunting schedules
and routines. Boys and girls are separated into west and east wings and during the day everyone gathers toward the center where floors of classrooms, gyms, kitchens, dining rooms, a spacious auditorium and huge greenhouse occupy all of our time. We are forbidden to question authority, look at the opposite sex or misbehave in any way.

E: What do you do to stay true to yourself?
I detach as much as I can from the cold, uncompromising atmosphere and escape through dreams and stolen moments of silence. I hold onto the faith that there is more to the world than institution living. 

E: What makes you feel so “different”? Does this give you strength or fear?

I have never been well-liked amongst my peers and get teased for the way that I look. Since I have never seen a reflection of myself, I don't know what I look like, other than glancing down at myself. My skin is very fair, almost white - unlike anyone else. This makes me feel strange and insecure. 

E: When you are alone, what thoughts dominate your mind?

A world free from the plague where healthy people and animals roam the lands. I imagine what it would feel like to walk barefoot in nature - what smells, and sights I might encounter. I fantasize about breaking free from the institution. Sometimes I analyze and question the technicalities of institution existence, which is forbidden.

E: What is your fondest dream? What is your worst fear?

Freedom is what I dream of most. My worst fear is total extinction of the human race. 

E: What do you want to do with your life when you “grow up”?

Unfortunately, I do not have a choice. My life has been mapped out for me. When I am old enough and have completed my studies, I will be transferred to another institution where I will be of service to other children as a mother nurse. There are no other options.  

E: Is there some part of you that wants to start a new life and share it with the children you love?

Yes! I'd love to break free from the institution walls and create my own existence. How fun it would be to explore and see what the world outside looks like. I fantasize of this often. 

E: How possible do you see yourself changing life as you know it?

I don't think that it is impossible, but I'm not sure I'd be able to have the courage to actually go through with rebelling. Children who misbehave are punished and sent away. If the opportunity presented itself, possibly with the help of another, I might take the risk. 

E: What kind of what-if questions run through your head on a daily basis?

What if...
There had been no plague
My parents survived
I could fly
They are lying to us
I could escape

E: Do you feel that there is more to life than this?

Yes! I believe it with all of my heart. I am not sure how or why, but there has to be more!

E: Do you have any words of wisdom to share with your readers?
Be true to yourself, follow your heart and never stop dreaming.

How can people find out more about your book?

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Ivory, that was one wild interview, I would've lost all my nails by now from biting them if I wasn't holding this pad of paper and pen. Thanks for your time!

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  1. Seems like a wonderful series of books! Fun interview. I like Ivory. My tweens would really enjoy this story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ivory! You hang on to your true self and continue to dream!! Your wishes may just come true!

    Thanks lovely Elizabeth for the interview! All the best, Melissa Kline! Take care

  3. Wonderful interview! Definitely checking out My Beginning. :)

  4. What a lovely interview, I feel sorry for Ivory but still feel like she might escape yet. Staying true to yourself is important and the link to strenghth and determination.

    Thank You for a great interview.

  5. What an awesome interview. So many wonderful books coming out soon. :)

  6. Thank you for the lovely comments and kind words everyone! Ivory and I are feeling the love. :) Elizabeth, thank you so much for interviewing Ivory. It's an honor!


  7. Interesting to hear this from Ivory's point of view. I have this book on my wishlist. Good luck, Melissa! Thanks for the interview, Elizabeth!

  8. Crystal, thank you for visiting! It sounds like a great story, I can't read it, too. :)

    Jennifer, thank you! <3

    Amy, thank you! :)

    Em, thank you. :)

    Anthony, I do too. Thank you. I'd love to read this book too!

    Kathi, I know! So many books, so little time!

    Donna, thank you! Melissa did a fabulous job making it. *sigh*

    Melissa, you're welcome! I really enjoyed interviewing her. You're a fabulous writer! <3

    Theresa, you're welcome! I'm intrigued that you commented about Ivory's viewpoint. What PoV is it written in? Can't wait to read it!

  9. I loved this exchange with your character. Interviews are one way I learn about my characters too. They always surprise me!

    What a life we lead, talking to invisible people & making them come to life so others can see them too.


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