Wednesday, June 29, 2011

♥.•*¨ Darkspell Pre Book Launch Party Tour¨*•.♥

This Contest is now closed--thanks everyone!

Join me in my celebration the entire month of July for Darkspell’s release this fall!

The darkness sends his followers, the Watchers, to haunt Winter Sky, but Alex Stormhold battles to keep her safe from the prowling evil. Rather than being dragged into the dark's destruction, I will provide a way for you to protect yourselves.

These are the *talismans that you could win:

Nox Arcana's Shadow of the Raven for the FIRST WEEK

Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry: 12"X 17" for the SECOND WEEK

Dragons Sculpture Bookends: 4"X5"X8" for the THIRD WEEK

My favorite: 13" tall. Dark Shadows Lamp for the FOURTH WEEK

Here's how to enter so you can avoid the Shadoweaver's clutches:

It is your charge to haunt the resident bloggers--listed below--that are hosting me as their guest for the week. Go ***here to answer the questions posted into the contact form every Saturday:


 Each correct answer will equal one entry.
♥ Every comment in the blogger's post will equal one entry.
♥ Every follower on my blog will have 2 entries: a must to qualify for 2 entries: please let me know that you're following me!


I will announce the winner Sunday evening on my blog!

Do you see Mr. Ole Dark Shadows Lamp there? He likes to pretend that he's the venomous Shadoweaver who seeks Winter. Could it be because he looks so much like him?

I will enter every person who dares to display his blog button, just cut and paste the html code from my grab button on my sidebar to your sidebar for a second chance at the lamp.

 In order to qualify for the 2nd lamp, you MUST leave comment in this post with your blog address stating that you've posted the button to your sidebar to make it easier for the Watchers to seek it out.

In other words, I am giving  2 lamps away!

Enter my daring bloggers:

**July 1 Sue Roebuck

July 12 M. S. Hatch

July 23 Lisa Turner

July 25 J. D. Brown

July 27 & 28 Anastasia V. Pergakis

July 29 Michele Bell

July 30 Rebecca Carlson

*this is all make-believe in the spirit of my debut novel, nothing has been placed under any kind of spells and the Shadoweaver lives within the boundaries of Darkspell.
** first official Contest Saturday starts July 9th!
 *** I apologize, but I had to get rid of this option since no one was participating.


  1. Very exciting Elizabeth!! July will be a fun month :)

  2. This is great, Elizabeth! Can't wait to see what you and all your bloggers have in store for us! :)

  3. Trisha, hi! Thank you, I'm very excited for this! :)

    Alyssia, thank you! *HUGS* <3

  4. Great luck with your launch.

  5. Very excited for you, Elizabeth. Good luck with your launch. Hugs.

  6. Looks delightfully dark. Good luck and enjoy your launch!

  7. Can't wait to follow you around and read all your great posts. Have fun.

  8. Looks like you have a fun pre-launch lined up! LOVE the little dragon bookends! Very cool. ;o)

  9. Gail, thank you! :)

    Rachna, thank you, I am too. <3

    CleeMcKenzie, thank you, I'm excited. :D

    Susan, thank you for making it possible, too! *hugs*

    Carol, thank you! I hope everyone has just as much fun. <3

  10. I like that tapestry best. Really cool. I'm a follower by the way. =P

  11. How fun! I'm so excited for you!!!

  12. Melissa, yippeee! Thank you, I can't wait to party with you! <3

    E.Arroyo, thank you! :D

  13. Hi Elizabeth!
    Congratulations! You must be so excited. I know i am!
    I've given you a BLOG AWARD and you can drop by anytime you're free to get it. Hopefully it helps to brighten up your day. :)

    warm regards,

  14. Hi, Nutshell, thank you so much. Yes, you're right, I am. I'm still in shock, though. I think I'll realize that it's for real when I hold the actual book in my hand. *Sigh* Thank you for the blog award, you're awesome! *HUGS*

  15. Congratulations on the upcoming release of Darkspell, I look forward to reading it. I do not have my own blog, but am a collaborative guest reviewer over at Fade Into Fantasy with my first meet me post last weekend at Thanks for inviting me to the fun.
    GFC - Denise Zaky
    Net blog


  16. Denise, thank you! It's exciting to guest on a blog, congrats on your first one!

  17. I can't wait to read it!


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