Monday, June 20, 2011

♥.•*¨ Arlen: Character Interview ¨*•.♥

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So I've caught up with sweet Arlen from Grimoire by Marcy Hatch. I'm happy that Arlen's willing to share her time with me, seeing that she has magic to attend to!

E:How did you feel when you first met your grandmother?  

“I was afraid,” Arlen admits, “Afraid she had changed her mind, afraid she wouldn’t like me.”

E: Do you feel betrayed that your mother never told you about your heritage? Do you think your father knew?

I do wish she'd told me but I think she thought I had no talent - like her. She probably imagined I'd be better off not knowing. Of course, I expect my father may have had something to do with her decision. I'm sure he knew. I mean, he must've, right?”

E: What were the very first things you noticed that you’re not like everyone else? How did you deal with your changes?

“The first thing I noticed were the ghosts of my parents, just standing there waving as if I was going off on a holiday,” she shudders, “Of course I pretended they weren't there, thinking I was mad or  overcome with grief. But when Lettie died…when she spoke to me…I had to believe.” 

E: On what levels has it changed your life, your magick? Are you happy with it?

It was hard at first. I didn’t know anything. But now…” she smiles, “Yes, I am happy with it. I don’t mind the ghosts and there aren’t too many of them, thankfully. And Vathek, well, who wouldn’t want an imp?”

E: Have you had to make any drastic moves to hide it from your friends?

“Goodness I think Clarissa knew more about us than I did in the beginning, and good thing too!”

E: Do you pine for the days before all this happened? What do you do to keep your sanity?

“I think the only thing I wish is that my parents were here to see how I turned out. I hope they would be proud.”

E: How do you feel about the gentlemen callers now?

She blushes. “I wouldn’t dream of accepting one.”

E: How do you know whom you could trust?

“Ah, that’s always the question isn’t it?” she puts a finger to her lip.

E: Now that you know that you possess such magic, what would you tell your parents if you could go back and save them?

“I wish they had told me, maybe if I’d known…” she sighs.

E: Do you have any words of wisdom you wish to share with your readers?

“Be careful; there’s magick out there.”

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Are there any ghosts behind me? *Shiver* I'll let you get on with your business now before anything happens! Thank you, Arlen, for letting me interview you, I look forward to reading your story!

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  1. Oh Arlen!! I am so sorry about your parents! I feel that you are in safe hands with your grandmother though - she seems wise and wonderful and will help you with your unique magical talent!! Take care

  2. Always cool to see character interviews!

  3. What a sympathetic character! I love this character interview and I'm definitely interested in reading Grimoire now.

  4. Alex, thank you! It's a sure-fire way to connect quickly with other writers. I love it. <3

    Thanks, guys for dropping by and leaving your comments here, I love seeing you! <3

  5. Congratulations! I'm passing on the Irresistably Sweet Blog award to you! (Details are my blog for today.)

  6. Hi Elizabeth, I'm sorry but my old eyes had a hard time reading the above on my old computer. One good thing though, I will clean my screen right now. And what a good idea to do a character interview.

  7. What a wonderful character! I'd love to meet her in person. Thanks for stopping by and giving some encouraging words to my little Knob.


  8. Toast Man--that would be fun, wouldn't it? :)

    Jonene, thank you! *hugs* <3

    Canyon Girl, thank you. :D

    Joyce, she is wonderful, isn't she? I had fun getting to know her. You're welcome, he was a pleasure! xox

    Marcy, you're welcome. I hope you enjoyed it. :)

  9. What a great idea this is to have character interviews. Arlen sounds lovely. I'll certainly put the book on my tbr list :)

  10. Sue, yippee! Me too! Such fantastic characters going on! <3


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