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♥.•*¨ Agatha, Character Interview ¨*•.♥

We are about to embark on a chilling journey with Agatha, S.B. Niccum's Veiled. Visit the author's website here if you dare!

Thank you for the chance to interview you, Agatha. Some of these questions are soul-searching, I hope not to cause you too much discomfort. Are you ready?

The Second One has the driving desire to deny everyone their freedom. Please explain your relationship with him.

-He chose me as his mate of-course, there were others…vying for his attention. But he chose me, I didn’t seek him out like the others, he found me. *smirk* I was amusing myself with some lesser intelligences. He thought I had…promise. Now, I’m his queen and we will reign for ever as the rulers of Earth.

Do you have an ulterior motive for such loyalty? Why or why not?

-*dark looks your way* Spirits follow us simply because they need a ruler. All human spirits have…kingly tendencies. They crave to be ruled over; they want someone stronger and more powerful than them to tell them what to do. It gives them a sense of …complacency…comfort…ease.

Everyone was given the opportunity to choose which leader to follow. You hesitated, and your choice took you by surprise just as much as it did everyone else. Could you please tell us what went through your mind as you chose?

-I have no idea what you’re talking about.

 (Denial, classic . . .)

After the separation in Heaven from the Second One, did you feel as if you were losing your identity as his mate? If so, in what way?

-*venomous look* No. Never. I have a plan. I always have a plan.

Your choice probably made the Second One lose all faith in you. How do you propose to prove yourself to him?

-I don’t have to explain myself to you, you insolent little…. What I did, I did for a reason. The Second One needs me on the other side. I will be of better use for him on Earth.

As far as proving myself to him…I can show you myself ... come, follow me to this alcove…you won’t feel a thing…I promise.

Do you believe that living on Earth will change you in any way?

-I will never change. I will prove to him, *smug look* and because I will have a body, I will be greater than the Second One ever was!

Does it frighten you that you will forget all you know—especially your status as Queen—once you’re sent to Earth? Do you think you’re choice will strengthen or weaken you after the test? Do you believe your followers will wait for you?

-Nothing frightens me!

I am confident that I will remember who I was, if not fully, at least partially. I will rise again as Queen, if not in title, I will in power.

What do you think of the saying, “It is better to be the Devil’s right hand than in his path”? Is that why you’re so loyal to the Second One?

*Daggers at you*

-I’m not afraid of anyone, if that’s what you’re implying. The Second One will aid me, you wait and see. He chose me as his mate, he’ll choose me again.

Please be extremely honest—I promise you that the Second One will not hear of this: Was there ever a time in your entire existence that you truly wanted what the Eternals promised?

-You are an infuriating little creature, and if I had a body, I would have my hands tightly clasped around your neck right now.

Have you ever had a taste, even I its slightest, of peace, love and happiness?

-The minute I get my hands on you, I will.

Are you aware that misery is a choice? Are you content to remain as such for eternity?

-What you consider misery I don’t. I thrive on the misery of others, I relish anguish and discord. If I ever feel those things for myself…then I consider myself content.

What words of wisdom do you have for your readers?

-There’s a song I heard just as I was infiltrating a mortal’s…club, is it? “…don’t hang on, all we are is dust in the wind…” Just remember that, *coiling* we are nothing but dust…nothing…nothing.

*Shivers* Ooh, I feel faint! It feels like dark shadows are rushing through me, I’ll take this as my sign to leave. Thank you for your time here in your lovely cave, Agatha. I wish you the best with your upcoming challenges. By the way, Celeste isn’t as bad as you think! :P

The trailer ROCKS!

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  1. Ha ha! That was fun! Thanks Elizabeth!

  2. he he this was quite original :)

  3. Agatha!! You are deliciously dark! Never change!! Take care

  4. Is there still time to join this?

  5. Nice work, that was fun reading.
    Thank You.

  6. Silvina, you're welcome! It was SO much fun doing this. Agatha really made me laugh, but I hope she never gets the chance to be so happy! ;)

    Dezmond, thank you! :D

    Jennifer, no, she'll never change, she's quite content with herself! <3

    J.D., of course! I sent you an email. :D

    Melissa, thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

    Anthony, you're welcome! Still more to come all month! :) (see sidebar)

  7. Great Interview! Veiled sounds great definitely checking it out! :)

  8. Amy, thank you! I hope you enjoy it, the storyline keeps haunting me--begging me to pick it up again. Seriously! :)

  9. What a fun way to interview! I am intruiged, thats for sure:)

  10. Creative thinking at work! Very nice trailer.

    Tossing It Out

  11. Let intrigue lead you to Amazon!
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