Friday, May 13, 2011

♥.•*¨You mean Public Speaking is part of being an Author? ¨*•.♥

Public speaking. My comfort zone is being tried to the max!

This is one of the scariest things I try to avoid. Being in the church I do, there's really no way around it. Okay, fine, I could turn it down when someone asks me to give a "talk", but that would make me feel terrible if I ever did. I would feel like an ingrate.

But I know that speaking in public as an author is a MUST if I want to promote my book. It comes with the territory, there's no way around it!

It's terrifying and I've lost sleep over this.

Have you heard this quote before?

Luck favors the prepared

I wonder if I stop fretting and actually sit down and ponder on what I would be speaking about and think about how I can stretch it over a period of 60 minutes, would I still be scared?

I have had several offers already: one for this coming fall at a university, and the other for a Teen Author Boot Camp, spring of 1012. (check it out here!) I haven't said no while my insides are twisting and knotting into tight loops. So guess what I did to make it happen sooner?

I asked a writing teacher friend of mine if I can teach a class. Aaa! What. Have. I. Done?

I am a big time pantser writer. I think pantserness is bleeding into my public speaking, too. I know that I need to face my fear sometime, why not make it the 18th of May?

I'll let you know how that works out! Eeep!   : /

And then there's radio interviews where I have to think of a good answer right then and there. I know many writers love to "hide" behind chatting online and emails, this is going to be an adventure indeed...

How do you feel about public speaking?

ps--today I am a year older, yikes!


  1. I'm terrified of public stuff like that- I did a poetry slam once and almost passed out on stage. LOL But I made it through and then I did a few poetry nights with a mic and less people- it was easier. But public speaking is not a highlight to my person. Thanks for sharing.

  2. it terrifies me and i try to avoid it if possible

  3. I shudder to think of public speaking, the few times I have done it I am so nervous I nearly pass out. If I imagine myself as a character on a stage - I do much better!

  4. Happy Birthday miss Eliabeth but you don't look a day older.
    Public speaking can be terrifying. I was very shy in grade school and relied on humour to get me through it. Get them on your side and you can make it.
    If you really have something important to say, you will want them to learn it.
    Tell them what you are going to talk about.
    Then talk about it.
    Then tell them what you just told them.
    There, that ought to kill an hour.CM.

  5. I would pass out. Seriously. Public speaking does not go over well with this girl! lol I'd rather play a harp solo or sing at General Conference than speak somewhere!
    I'm trying to get over my fear. I teach young women's and have spoken in church, but I get so nervous. Eep! Good luck!! You'll do great!

  6. Happy Birthday Elizabeth !! May you be blessed to enjoy many more birthdays .

    With regards to public speaking ... YIKES !! I freeze in front of a crowd when I have to speak , yet I sing in front of huge crowds all the time (I'm in the entertainment field ...) & I'm a qualified teacher ~~ strange but true !

  7. I don't like public speaking either, but the more prepared you are the better you will feel about it. Maybe I can cheer you up with a Kreativ Blogger award? You can pick it up from my post of today. I also have a welcome for you there. All the best.--Inger

  8. I just don't like public speaking at all. I am cool with giving author interviews and sound bites over the phone or via email, but speaking before a large gathering makes me break into a sweat.

  9. GOOD LUCK gorgeous Elizabeth!!!! I just know you'll do brilliantly!!

    Public speaking for me is just never ever going to happen, period!!! Nope, I can't and won't do this, ever!! LOL! But I am in AWE at anyone gifted with this fabulous skill! Take care

  10. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!
    I find that if I am well prepared once I start the fear subsides and I hit my pace.
    Good luck.

  11. Happy Birthday, my friend.

    you are such a beautiful soul.

    check out short story slam and make a submission today.

    hope to see you in, some awards may be assigned upon your participation.

  12. Happy Birthday to you first off!
    Well, about public speaking...I am a teacher so I don't mind if it is in front of my kids and some audiences aren't bad; depending upon the subject. If it is something I feel so comfortable with, then I am fine once I am up there and in a groove.
    I know you will do great!

  13. I'm a teacher and I feel fine in the classroom, but with bigger crowds I go *eep*. I'll feel frozen at first and then loosen up.

    Good luck with the public speaking and happy b-day.

  14. Summer, I can do ALMOST fine while reading off of paper, but without that aid? *gulp* I'm not sure how I'll survive! :/

    Becca, me too!

    Vanilla, really? You've done that? I've thought about doing something like that, too! XD

    CM, wow, what a fabulous formula! I'll have to remember that. Thank you so much. :)

    Chentele, I know what you mean! Singing a solo is hard, but at least I don't have to use my brain cells to speak!

    Michelle, I can see that!I can only imagine that no one could ever guess that you're terrified. ;)

    Inger, thank you SO much for the kind award! *Hugs*

    Rachna, yes, yes, me too! I wish us the best!

    Jennifer, thank you! I guess I'll let you know how this Wednesday goes, then! *gulp*

    Giggles, that's so true. I need to make sure that I am prepared. Oh, procrastination is evil!

    Bluebell, thank you for the offer, I'll have to look into that! :)

    Tracy, thank you! I can only imagine that. I feel like I'll crash and burn without my notes, but I know if I know my material and am well prepared, I can do it! Okay, now test that theory....

    Medeia, thank you! I need all the luck out there to help me through this!

  15. It is is true that luck favors the prepared.. :) You will do fine.. I know you will..:)

  16. I used to be terrified of the thought. I still get nervous but these days it's not so paralysing, so it can be done.

    I took a public speaking course many years ago, there were only 6 or so of us in the room and on the first morning we each had to stand up and speak for 4 minutes on a topic of our choice. It was truly terrifying - and that was in a small group! But I learned some valuable lessons.

    Preparation is key. Pantsing a public speaking engagement can work when you are comfortable with the actual speaking part of it. Until then, rehearse - out loud! The better prepared you are, the less nervous you will be.

    Usually, people are most worried about how to start. Write out your opening sentences and rehearse them, so you don't have to worry about "freezing". Once you're on your way, it's much easier.

    Don't be afraid to take your time. If you need a few seconds to collect your thoughts, take them. Most people speak way too fast anyway.

    Finally, remember that the audience is not out to get you! They want to hear you. Imagine you're talking to a close friend over coffee, and it will come out in your speaking.

    Good luck, brave lady! Please let us know how it goes.


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