Tuesday, May 31, 2011

♥.•*¨ June is MC month ¨*•.♥

This month is going to be an interesting one over here at my blog.

I had decided to set up interviews for writers' characters with Jeannie Campbell in the lead as an MC therapist (herself) starting June 1st.

A new interview will post every Monday*.

You'll dive into the minds of writers and they will share just how deep their passions run with their writing. You'll see what I mean as their MCs participate in this wonderful time!

If your interested in having your MC interviewed, go here for further information!

Is your MC ready to come out and play? Have him/her/it write something in the comments box below. I would love to hear where they are from, too--maybe how they feel about their creator, too! :P

*day may vary depending on submissions


  1. Me,(Em) thinks my creator is so contrived. She doesn't let me be really me. What is she afraid of? Criticism? If I could write my story myself, I would, so instead...I just drive her crazy. Oh, and she uses "so" sooooo much.

  2. My mc's will probably go on strike and blow raspberries at me! LOL!!!

    What a fun thing to do for Mondays!! Yay! take care

  3. My name is Genevieve and my creator, she's all right. Although, she keeps doing things that interrupt the important work I'm doing and making my life far too complicated. Worst of all, she just introduced me to this really obnoxious reporter. I don't know why, but he always makes me feel a little flustered. Hopefully she'll leave me alone soon and let me get back to my research.

  4. Hi, my name is Grett Hawk. Well it was...

    I'm just a normal, everyday, warrior girl.

    Well, I used to be...before a certain "writer" decided I wasn't normal, that I was a freak. That everyone in school would shun me and think I was some kind of monster....which maybe I am...in a way...

    Well, he did introduce me to that boy...who also wasn't normal...and I did get to do a lot of cool things...but still.

    Anyways, I'm from the greatest city on Gwanda called Theta. I attend the Theta Secondary Academy, the most prestigious high school in our city, all because I did something stupid: I rescued someone from a burning building. So to reward me they gave me this scholarship.
    But now of course I'm the school freak, and I'm probably going to lose my scholarship. :(

    Thanks, "writer." :p

    [You can read a little more about Grett on my blog]

  5. Jo, thank you! I hope you enjoy it! I didn't think of this, but I'm going to interview Winter from Darkspell! :)

    Em, I we should have an MC playdate. Ask your creator and then email me! ;)

    Jennifer, lol. At least you know what they'd do if you let them.

    (Sierra) Genevieve, maybe Sierra has some plans for you and the reporter? Sometimes things are thrown at us by our creators to test our integrity!

  6. (Andrew) Grett! Nice to meet you. It sounds like there's narry a dull moment where your creator has put you. Personally, I feel it's nice to be yourself and not a "cookie cutter" of others. Great to be you! I hope you don't lose your scholarship, I think saving someone from a fire is heroic...

  7. Byron here.
    Best damn pilot in the Cassan fleet.
    I like my privacy - don't want anyone invading my world.

  8. [Grett had a comment for Byron]

    Me either. 'Cept they're already invaded my world. And I might be one of them...
    BTW would love a ride in your ship sometime! ;)
    Thanks! I would be myself...if I knew what I was!!! My mom said my body was changing...I don't think this is what she meant!

  9. This really is a great series. I hope I don't miss out on them, because Monday is always so busy for me.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  10. Welcome, Byron--I'm pleased you've dropped by. Sweetheart, I fear you failed dearly as your creator caught you in a nifty book called CassaStar! *Dramatic Gasp*

    Becca, thank you! :D

    Grett--oooh! I would love to find out more. Where can I find you?

    Nahno, you're more than welcome to scroll down my blog and read the Monday posts. I will be posting on other days as well. Hope to see you then!


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