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♥.•*¨ Author Interview: Welcome Tristi Pinkston! ¨*•.♥

If there ever really was a super, wonder, or alpha woman, it has to be Tristi. She's a published author of six books, a professional editor, a book tour coordinator, a PR sidekick,a compassionate BFF, a Cubmaster, a loving (and adoring) wife, an ignorer of housework, and a stay-at-home mother of four. _. And she home schools too! She loves books and will never approve of anything questionable if she could help it.

Tristi's fun humor shows in her books. I've read Dearly Departed and loved every page of it. Check out her website here. To follow awesome Tristi on her blog, go here and learn more about her writerly powers! To purchase Dearly Departed, go here.

What is an average day like for you?

I get up around nine in the morning.  If it's an A day, I take my daughter down to seminary, and then I check e-mail and start on my morning computer work while she's gone, and then I go pick her up.  If it's a B day, I just start right into the work.  But if it's an assembly day, or a collaboration day, or a snow day, or a snow make-up day, all bets are off.  (Homeschool is so much easier when it comes to schedules.)  My kids are, in the meantime, getting themselves some breakfast, getting dressed, starting some laundry, picking up toys, etc. so they can earn some morning computer time. 

I'm on the computer until around noon, and then we do lunch and school.  Late afternoon, my husband comes home, and I'll either make dinner or delegate that to him, and then I get back to work.  He does a lot around the house to support me.  He puts the kids to bed, and then I'm up working until around 2 am.  That's why I get up at nine - gotta sleep sometime!

Whew! What is your day off like?

Day off?  What is this thing you call day off?  Um, my days off are Sundays, and I sleep in, then go to church, then take a long nap.

What are you working on now?

I'm always working on an edit of some kind - my schedule is completely full.  As an author, I'm working on two books.  The first is a YA contemporary, which is totally new for me, and the other is the first book of a series which is a spin-off from The Secret Sisters Mysteries.

As an editor, what are the most annoying mistakes writers make?

Everyone makes mistakes honestly, and those don't annoy me.  I just take a minute to correct them and I include a note pointing out the mistake.  What annoys me is when they don't take the time to self-edit before they send it to me.  If they send me something that's not their best work, I feel like it's a waste of my time.  But there are authors who really do send in their best work.  It may still be completely full of errors, but as long as I know they really tried, I know they are invested in the process and they want to learn.

What have you discovered as the most effective marketing tool?

The Internet, hands down, no question.  Get a blog, get a Facebook account, start interacting.  Get your name out there before your book even comes out, and you'll have a built-in audience as soon as the book hits the shelves.  I'm still trying to decide if I like Twitter.  Those who use it regularly love it.  I'm in the experimental phase.

What is the perfect formula for forming a logline?

Who is your character, what are they facing, and what do they learn?  For instance, let's use the example of Little Women.  "Jo March, an aspiring female author in a world dominated by men, learns that true success comes when she focuses on her real passion--her love for her family."  Short, sweet, to the point, emotional ... and pretty darned good, if I do say so myself.  If Louisa May Alcott weren't dead, I'd tell her to hire me.

If you had a perfect day, what would it be like?

It would involve sleeping in, and a nice breakfast I didn't have to make.  I would then leisurely bathe, get dressed in really cute clothes (that are several sizes smaller than clothes I wear regularly, but this is a fantasy) and then spend some time with my children, who are lovingly communicating with each other in dulcet tones.  My handsome husband would come in, his arms full of flowers, carrying the mail, which includes a large royalty check.  I don a frilly apron and effortlessly whip up a tasty, healthy, and beautifully presented meal, and we sit down to eat together.  The children put themselves to bed, skipping all the way down the hall, blowing kisses and calling out, "We love you, dear parents."  Then my husband and I would cuddle on the couch, talking about our day, and I would then stay up to write for an hour, knocking off the first chapter of my next novel, which will, skipping forward in time, garner many awards and bring me much fame and fortune.

Words to live by?

Hmmm.  I don't know if I have any words, necessarily - I do believe in certain credos, such as, holding your integrity as one of your most precious possessions and not sacrificing it for anything.  I believe in being true to your inner voice.  I believe in honing your skills and making them the best you can, and then continuing to learn and grow through further study.  Does that count?

Thank you so much for the fun, Tristi! I learned a lot I from this interview. It's always nice to have a friend over. :)


  1. Lovely Interview! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Thank you for such a thoughtful interview! I especially like the tips with writng loglines - as this is my worst ever weakest writerly thing!! Good luck Tristi Pinkston and all the best! Take care

  3. Wonderful interview! Tristi, you home school the four kids, too?? Wow. I have four kids, but wouldn't dream of homeschooling them. :) Balancing it all is tough, some days. You seem to do it well. Nice job. I'm loving the looks of Deadly Departed.

  4. Thank you. What an amazing, busy woman Tristi is. That tip about making your Logline is really useful - thank you so much for sharing :)

  5. Thanks for the interview--it's great to learn about other writers. :D

  6. Thanks for this great post. Loved reading Tristi's interview. Btw...the logline for Little Women is wonderful.

  7. Tristi rocks! Fun interview. Thanks Elizabeth.

  8. Nice to meet you, Tristi. All success to you. Sounds like an exciting plot. I enjoyed reading your answers to Elizabeth's questions.

  9. Hi Tristi! Congrats to your success.

    Nice interview!

  10. What a wonderful interview. Tristi is absolutly amazing!

  11. Damyanti! Thank you! I thought of fresh ways to interview her, she's great, isn't she? ;)

    Jennifer, oh yes... Tristi is a master at writing and I wanted to reveal her secret with logline writing! :)

    S.A., she's amazing, isnt she? I'm very impressed with how she balances it all!

    Sue, thank you, and I so agree with you on that!

    Laura, thank you! :)

    Rachna, I agree with you on that, too~! <3

    Mary, nice to see you here!

    Laura, thank you!

    Regina, thank you and yes, she is! She's my hero! *blink*

  12. A very interesting article filled with many useful tips. It's amazing how Tristi is able to pack so many things into one day! Congrats to both of you on a job well done! Julie

  13. Not only that, but Tristi is really good at feeding a baby! :)


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