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Super-Snooper Blogest!

Today is Alison Stevens' blogfest, thank you for the fun! We are to tell you about our character's stuff, that way you get to know him or her that way!

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A double neck, electric guitar has recently been added to the bass, electric guitar with an old acoustic in the 1400sq bedroom. There is a waste basket filled with music sheets half written, then wadded into tight balls. Beneath the paper mess is a pile of guitar picks, all cracked between my character's teeth. A Mercedes-Benz SLR Roadster,  McLaren F1, Saleen S7 Twin Turbo, Farrari Enzo, and Bugatti Veyron are just a few of the favorite things in the garage. Okay, I'll give a hint of my character's gender: would use Athena Pheromone 10X™, but the occupation takes care of it all! ;)

You can read my character's interview here!

Can you tell what my character's quirk is? What is your character's quirk?


  1. I can tell now after I read his interview!

    This guy reminds me of my own characters! Yes, I've written about rock stars too. :)

  2. Hi,

    I'm gonna say extremely vain ageing rock star, fading on the periphery of the music scene: based on the Bugatti! Can't bare the onset of wrinkles! ;)


  3. Ha ha, got the age thing wrong!

    But, I didn't want to read the ingterview until after I'd posted my guess. ;)

  4. Ha! Sounds like my upstairs neighbor's dream. I'll say he's a rock star who's also a perfectionist. He enjoys the perks that his occupation brings, but he's easily frustrated when his creative efforts don't work out exactly the way he wants them to. Thanks for participating!

  5. His quirk?? He erm.. chews on his guitar picks - not that I know what a guitar pick is!

    :-) Take care

  6. Great description! I enjoyed this one a lot!

  7. Your character has great taste in guitars and cars. Is it Jay Leno?

  8. Collecting expensive european cars is likely his quirk. He also lives or spends most of his time in his bedroom judging by the size of it.

    I would also say thirty-ish musician. Maybe even a song writer.

  9. Trisha! Yes, I can tell you've written about Rock stars! Just read your entry! XD

    Francine, LOL! You're cute! I'm glad you read it, I hope you enjoyed it, too! <3

    Alison, wow, you're pretty head on! You're SO perceptive! :D

    Jennifer, yes! Aside from his car collection, he chews on them picks! ;)

    Megan, thank you! :)

    Cheeseboy, lol! Naw... Nice try, though! :)

    Tessa, YES!!! :D

    Michael, hi! Yep, he writes songs and he is a musician, too! :) Thanks for your comment!

  10. I love this idea and all the facts you gave us.
    Chewing on guitar picks...He is tough and strange~ He needs a muse!

  11. Hmm nice description but I am real bad in Guessing. So I'll wait and see you answer yourself :)

  12. Sounds like a rich, reclusive, (maybe jaded), musician? The wastebasket makes me think his emotional states are variable. Interesting. Thanks for commenting on mine. I'm gonna check out your character interview. Maybe I'll add it to my blog. :-)

    <3 Gina Blechman

  13. Okay, he's a guitar player, and he wants to write his own songs as well, but either he's too perfectionist or he doesn't have lyrical talent, which is why he keeps throwing the music sheets away. Or maybe, after all his failures he finally did write a good song, which is how he became a success and got all those cars and so on. :P

  14. Obviously has a thing for guitars, but the balled up sheets of music have me thinking she is stuck. Almost like she has a song in her head but is frustrated that she can't get the chords right. Alos think the character is a girl, not sure why though.

  15. Ella--LOL! You're so cute, thank you ;)

    Talha, that's okay! Thank you for dropping by. :)

    Gina, wow, you're so good. Do you study people? It would be FUN to see my interview on your blog! :)

    Michael! Hi! Yes, that's it. His twin brother (who isn't mentioned at all here) is the genius, but when my MC hits it, he makes the charts. :)

    Trisha, Ooh, interesting take! I wonder how my novel would end up if my rock star was a girl... Great guessing! :)

  16. The wastebasket denotes talent frustrated with itself. Impatience wars with anxiety, hence the cracked guitar picks from gnawing on them. A tortured artist, striving to be more than he is, perhaps more than what he thinks he can be, or sadly more than what he is capable of being. How's that? I didn't look at the other comments so I could be a true Sherlock Holmes, Roland. LOL.

  17. LOL: I got the chewing on guitar pick thing. My character chews on a callous on his finger.

    Awesome setting. Sounds like a very creative songwriter/musician. Guitarist :)


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  19. Great description..Knew he had to be a rock star... Love the blog. Thanks for the comment and the follow. Following back.

  20. Sounds like a rock star to me too!

  21. Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    I love music and guitar is one of my favourite instruments. It is almost like Sitar which some one described as a relatively "shy" instrument compared to a guitar which is full of life.

  22. I agree with everything the others have said, which means you did a good job of describing him.

  23. Cracking guitar picks like sunflower seeds! I'm not sure my character has a quirk. I guess I'd have to leave that up to the illustrator.

  24. Roland, how right you are! You're great at picking up little clues. Thank you for visiting! :)

    Donna, poor callous! :) Yes, he is. He's also high strung and bad-tempered. lol.

    Debra, thank you! Have a great weekend. :)

    Sally, right you are! :D

    Munir, you're so right about a guitar being 'full of life'! I didn't really feel that until my son started taking lessons. Whoa, the rich sound it produces, it's wonderful to hear it fill the house!

    Teralyn, thank you, I appreciate it. :)

  25. Christie--wow! That's interesting that you'd say that. Is this a picture book? :)


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