Monday, March 21, 2011

Servers and Writers are Related.


We went to the Olive Garden on our date night. It was very pleasant. Our server made sure our drinks were filled, our empty plates removed, and our food just right. So, is there a relation between servers and writers?

Yes, yes, yes!

How, you ask?

What if the waiter forgot to fill your drink? Or your food was cold? What about forgetting the cutlery for your juicy steak?

We don't notice the server if everything goes smooth. But oh, boy, we notice alright when she messes up, don't we?

Well, that's how it's like for writers. The reader won't notice the writer as s/he reads our work, but if we don't polish them books, our authorness screams in their faces and reminds them that they are reading a book.

How do you feel when you stumble across author intrusion?


  1. This is a very true comparison. As a for waitress--way back when--I did recognize that good serving was basically an invisible act. You were there to guide the patrons to a good meal, atmosphere, etc... but stay out of the way. Yes, I suppose good writing/storytelling is most effective when done that way.

  2. Great analogy! I know some people like to chat and mingle with their server, but I'm usually more interested in talking to the people I came with. Nothing irks me more than a waiter who buts into your conversation to ask if everything is okay. And yes, I do see writers butting into their story sometimes, to make sure you're digesting their story. It's awkward!

  3. Great correlation. I barely notice a good waiter/waitress, just like I barely notice the author when reading a good story.

  4. Oooh you know this is one dream I continue to try and aim for! To write something where the reader will forget they are reading a written book, penned by some strange woman!!

    Take care

  5. So incredibly true. We authors are catering to an audience after all, with differing tastes. Even if you write the best thing ever, someone is bound to snub it. Excellent thought! :)

  6. Great comparison. I was a waitress and am a writer, so I think the analogy fits perfectly. The best waiters/writers are invisible. Every once in a great while it's entertaining to have them pop in for a chat, but only if it doesn't distract you from the really important stuff!

  7. I was thinking more along the lines of waiters and authors each offering something, and not everyone will say yes! Mind went in a totally different direction...

  8. Salarsen, great way of focusing the post! Thank you and yes, you're so right. I used to be a waitress, too. It wasn't about me, but about the customers. ;)

    Dianne, I share the same irksome feeling of being interrupted. I haven't had one join in our conversation, though. ;D

    Shari, I hope to aspire to be invisible to the reader! <3

    Jennifer, you make me laugh! but yes, I feel the same way! :D

    David, thank you! I wonder what range of tasters would like my style?

    Sierra, Oh, you're so right! I do enjoy that too. It's nice to hear the author voice intervene once in a while, like the voice from heaven kind of thing! ;)

    Alex, lol! Well, that's a great pov, too! And it's like that, just walk into a bookstore or library--there they await us, platters held high for our choosing! ;)

  9. That is a good way to look at it!

    There is nothing better than a book that is so well written and so juicy good that I forget I am reading. I LOVE being able to immerse myself like that!

  10. Lisa, oh so true! I love books like that, too. :D

    Michelle, thank you, I'm glad you liked it! <3

  11. I feel slighted. It's easy to tell whenever an author is forcing something into their work. Sometimes it's done well, but not always.

  12. Lauren, I agree with you. I feel slighted in the way that I can't tell if I'm forcing myself onto my readers unless I've been told. *sigh* I hope that it all comes out okay in the end. :/

  13. Oh, great comparison! Never thought of it that way. But yeah, some things can jar a reader right out of the story; I just read a book like that, too (a pretty popular one at that). Kinda eye-rolling.

    And I still just LOVE the design of your blog--lovely colors, and the black lace. Gorgeous!

  14. I was thinking about this same concept the other day. We have to be invisible. How the heck do we manage?

  15. I never thought about it this way, but I guess writers do serve our readers. I hadn't heard if author intrusion, but the minute I read it, a book came to mind.

  16. I never really noticed it until I became a writer. Now I see it everywhere.
    It's hard to not want to just explain things to readers.


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