Monday, March 7, 2011

Comfort Zone

I've recently read Don Carey's Bumpy Landings (book review posted February 18th). It's a fantastic read about an LDS returned missionary who struggles to find his place. Why? Because of the pressures of work, home, and school. Not to mention girls!

The moral of the story is integrity. How true he had to be to himself, even if it took him out of his comfort zone. That was when he did the MOST growing.

I wonder. How many of us do everything we can to stay within our comfort zones? I know I do. But I ask myself, how much growing am I doing?

Can you think of any instances where you ventured from your comfort zone? What happened?


  1. Going out of my comfort zone ?...doing the job I´m doing now...Result?..written off work due to stress.
    Nice picture of the dog and that rainbow!!!:-D

  2. I guess my most daring thing I did was to leave a long term relationship and strike out on my own at the grand ol age of 39! That was pretty scary, cathartic and very emotionally painful. But it was the right decision for me.

    Take care

  3. Writiing a sequel to my book is definitely outside my comfort zone!

  4. I am a firm believer that you can only grow OUTSIDE of your comfort zone. This whole writing journey has been completely out of the zone for me.

  5. My big thing was moving 3 states away from my home and friends because I felt I should. That was a HUGE leap for me. But it so paid off!! (husband, house, writing career all thanks to the move) It's nice to be in those comfy places, but I like to let myself imagine the possibilities outside of them from time to time.

  6. "How many of us do everything we can to stay within our comfort zones? I know I do. But I ask myself, how much growing am I doing?"

    Good point. Like everything, the trick is to find our balance. But at the same time, can't we grow while in our comfort zone?

  7. Paul, I'm curious as to what job you're doing? That's great that it's challenging and you get to write off the stress. Finding time is the challenge for me!

    Jennifer, congratulations on your courage! It isn't easy to start all new like that. I know, the older we get, the more rooted we are in our ways and prefer familiarity. I'm so happy you were able to do that and are happier for it! I know Charlie is glad to be with ya! ;)

    Alex! Oh, I hear you! I've always wondered how people write sequels. I'm a one book at a time gal with no continuations. I'm proud that you're doing it. I have NO doubt that you'll be better after! Btw, is there a 3rd book? ;)

    Shari, I know! Everything is so challenging. We as writers put our faith on everyone else, including ourselves. WE have to trust our instinct on what advice to apply and what not to. Then there's the constant agony of rejections. Ugh... *hugs*

    Colene! I've done the same thing! I uprooted my life of 20 years and started new where I'm at. Wife, kiddles, house, writing career... Whao! Kudos to you for your courage! *hugs*

    Michelle, lol! True, true. I think finding balance is a constant uncomfortable zone. It's such a HUGE challenge to always be on my toes making sure that I don't let things slip. I sure do agree with you there!

  8. WE all know that for doing right sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone but we seldom do that

  9. I hope to do get out of my comfort zone but I never did

  10. I think I'm out of my comfort zone on a daily basis, LOL! I'd like to say it gets easier, but the challenges keep getting bigger and bigger...I agree it does lead to a lot of growth though. ;)

    Nice post!

  11. how strange. I just placed this exact comment on Lisa's blog...woman wielding words.

    I'm guessing that's how you came across my blog.

    Yes,going out of your comfort zone, you can grow. I've experienced it at work, and hobbies like riding my bike. One day, I got on my bike and rode 20 miles into work...and 20miles to get home. I found I was a lot stronger than I realized.

    I found I was strong enough to do natural childbirth with my 2nd child. (almost 100% before the epidural kicked in- almost didn't make it) Although painful, it was empowering knowing God truly gave women the strength for delivery. (figuring out a blog, and actually writing even when those close to you find it amusing and don't understand and often tease you)

    The list goes on and on, if you really think about it...


  12. going out with a very active two-year old takes me out of my comfort zone all the time! but i survive. lol

    thanks for visiting and following; followed you right back :)

    My bric-a-brac

  13. The first time I gave my manuscript out for people to read, I DEFINATELY went out of my comfort zone. I remember crying to my best friend on the phone the night before I did it, telling her that I was so afraid what it would mean if I gave it to them and they hated it. However, after I gave it to my five readers, I got lots of great feedback and critiques and even better reviews. Gotta say, it was all worth it in the end.

    <3 Gina Blechman

  14. Thank you, Elizabeth for visiting me and leaving such a comforting comment. You are a whirlwind, being a Mother, wife and writing books. I truly applaud you.

    All of this could be classified as coming out of my comfort zone. Writing a blog, now trying the A-Z challenge, and even the computer is a challenge to me. When I started blogging, my idea was to stay within my age group of 80 year olds but surprise, I can't find any other 80 year olds online.
    Love and Peace,


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