Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Writing Color Wheel

You'd need to know which 3 colors create the perfect skin tone, the best rock hue or even the prettiest sea green. You refer to the same combinations often. They are your secrets to the perfect painting--an artist's color wheel.

Like the artist, every writer has a chest full of favorite tools that makes their work sparkle, snap and shine!

The way a sentence is written makes all the difference in setting the mood:

urgency:  He screamed and kicked and thrashed. (using a conjunction 3 times in a sentence)


Death was near. His heart plummeted. No where to hide! (short, choppy sentences)

despair:  Anxiety, fear, panic. He lost all sense of self as they drew closer. (no conjunctions)

empower:  The sun set. Set on all hope as the creatures slunk from deep shadow. (using the last word in the sentence as the first one in the next)

confusion: The motorcycle whirled to a stop as the high-pitched screech turned heads while the sirens screamed in search of the overturned van; the driver of the 18 wheeler saw this happen from a distance but couldn't engage his breaks on time when the row of cars in front of him hit theirs, so he skidded, jack-knifed and turned over--rolling and rolling, smashing, crashing, clearing everyone who'd pulled off to the shoulder to watch. (a series of sentences)

contentment:  The sun rose, warming the trees and fields as they swayed their greeting with whispered cheer. (the beat of the sentence is lulling)

What's in your color wheel?

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  1. Wow.... English not being my first language I found your post very very helpful. Confusion sentence was particularly helpful for me to understand, what should I Avoid.

    Thanks for visiting my Blog :-D

  2. Talha, really? Wow, you impress me then. I read a few of your posts, and I couldn't tell that English isn't your first language. You write very well! :) Thank YOU for visiting mine. :)

  3. Cool post. I think mine veers between empower and contentment, but it also has longs sentences with lots of commas...not confusion tho, lol

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  5. Oooh I liked these.

    There's also the emphasis...



  6. I think contentment.
    Thank you for a lovely post.

  7. I'm hoping my writerly colour wheel is short and snappy!! :-) Take care

  8. These were excellent! Thanks for sharing them.

  9. This was a great idea, thanks, Elizabeth!

  10. Can I steal one or two that I didn't know about? Thank you.
    I like the idea of reusing one word in a different way in the next sentence. It flows much easier that way. (Flow is a terrible word, I know.) I also like the rule of three. "Sobbing, tears rolling down and hands pulling his hear ..."
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  11. Great thoughts, Elizabeth. Good examples.

  12. i like this post. i'd say mine is despair. with confusion sometimes thrown in:))

  13. Damyanti, that's great! XD

    Misha, I like that! Thanks for sharing a piece of your colorwheel! ;)

    Indica, thank you!

    Jennifer, I would LOVE to see yours! :)

    Shari, you're welcome. <3

    Sangu, you're welcome! *HUGS*

    Nahno--you're more than welcome to borrow, it's here for you! ;) I know exactly what you mean by 'flow'. Flow is very important in writing, you're right! :)

    Angie, thank you! :)

    Amphigora, Wow, I like your style! Do you have excerpts of your work I can read? ;)

  14. great post. I try to employ different shades of my colour wheel for different types of scenes, whether they be dramatic or more serene, but I guess contentment fits alot of what I write. :O)

  15. Madeleine, that's wonderful! Thanks for sharing your wheel with us. :)


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