Monday, February 28, 2011

My Audition

JESUS and the Woman at the well Pictures, Images and Photos

Not too long ago I auditioned for my Church's New Testament Project. I studied John 4 incessantly to learn my lines for my audition. I did more than that. Understanding the importance of research and making my main characters believable in my novels, I spent hours researching the events that lead up to the woman's dialogue with Christ. Way back to Esau.

I studied the social rules. I studied the political practices. I studied maps.

One thing that helped me the most was the short story I wrote involving the Samaritan woman and our Savior Jesus Christ. I inserted the scriptural dialogue between both. All, so that I could get into the PoV's head. I fasted and prayed and asked for blessings so that I could FEEL the part.

Never in my life have I studied a single passage of scripture so intensely. Never in my life have I imagined Christ standing before me as I conversed with him as someone exactly had, word for word. It wrenched my heart to do that. Wrenched it in the way that it made me understand His love for the woman. His love for ME!

I am humbled for this opportunity to learn more about His love for us. It has changed me.

What experience in your life has changed you?


  1. Hey Elizabeth. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's always so nice when new people stop by to say Hi and leave a comment.
    There is a scripture in the book of Jeremiah (29 12-14) where the Lord says he will let us find him if we search with all our hearts, and this is true. Finding God is a heart wrenching event in our lives that will leave us changed in a way that will affect our whole lives.
    I personally have had many such events in my life, too many to have doubt about the reality of God. I do write about them in my blog posts, mixed in with other more mundane posts.
    One again thanks for the visit and I absolutely disagree with any animal being released into the wild where it is not indigenous. May God bless you today, Geoff.

  2. Seeing my Mom as a stroke victim effected me a lot. She used to be a very independant lady. I now understand that any one at any given point in their life can become dependant.

  3. I know this is gonna sound really nerdy and wierd, however, online games changed me for the better. I discovered that I could make online friends and not be lonely which gave me the courage to move from my home state where I wasn't happy and get a job in an entirely different state where I didn't know anyone and got paid much better. I was always terrified of moving from the state in which I was born because I wouldn't know anyone and I'd be in this strange city, etc. Anyway...that's all I have to say about that.

  4. Every little experience in life changes me. I relish in the smallest of moments. :) One of those moments was when you dropped by to leave some words of support on my blog last week. Thanks ever so much! I'm glad your son Peanut loves my avatar. I made it myself using a free drawing software called Inkscape. :) I hope you have a fabulous week!

  5. I admire your dedication yet I can understand getting lost in research. I love it.

    Everyday changes me. Some changes are bigger than others, but change is constant.

  6. I'm glad you had such an amazing experience with the scriptures, but I have to ask . . . What happened with the audition?!

  7. Geoff, hello and thank you for dropping by! Thank you for sharing that scripture with me, I agree with you on that. He will present Himself to those who seek. I'll need to go over and read through your blog for those spiritual experiences--they are so wonderful to read! I'm glad you don't agree with snakes not indigenous to the ecosystem! :)

    Munir, I'm sorry to hear about your mom. It's such a drastic change, it's scary to feel how mortal we are with a simple thing like a stroke. My mother-in-law had one about 6 years ago. She, too, was quite independent and very strong-willed. I'm glad to see that she's happier now since life is much simpler, though difficult now.

    Michael, thank you so much for your honesty. I think you're cute by saying that, not nerdy or weird. <3 I, too, am a pioneer in the state I live in. I've lived here for over 14 years now, but it was hard at first. I'm glad you found your niche for adjusting to new places, people and things! :)

    Nutshell, thank you so much for your sweetness! I really think your avatar is cute, it's a great drawing, too! :)

    M Pax, thank you! It's funny, but there are times when I long for change that I get almost desperate for it. But I must embrace every little degree of it and appreciate its gift.

    Shari! Hi! Thank you, it was quite the experience that I cried right afterward. I've made first cut as a either a featured extra or an extra, but I am still hoping to make it all the way through. The filming will be from mid-June til July. So I can make it to Storymakers!!!! Are you going? :D *hugs*

  8. so did you get the role or not? :))

  9. Good luck with this! It certainly sounds like you would deserve the part with the effort you've put in!

  10. Wow! You're an inspiration.
    Writing my time-travels that went back to Book of Mormon times during Helaman's story and the story of Christ's visit to the Americas reinforced my love of the Savior. I understand exactly what you're saying. Trying to place yourself at the feet of the Savior is very humbling. It also strengthens testimony.
    Great post!

  11. What an incredible experience Liz. It sounds like either way you've been blessed, right? But when will you know?

    I had a similar experience when I accepted the YW General Presidency's challenge to YW and leaders to memorize The Living Christ. I' hadn't tried to memorize anything that long in a very long time, maybe never. It was intense and difficult, but ultimately unbelievably powerful and life-changing.


  12. I really hope you get the part. You will be beautiful.

  13. Yeah! What an awesome experience for you. Way to go. :)


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