Friday, February 11, 2011

The Crusades

It was a horrible thing. Many died and suffered. Not this time . . .

Rachael Harrie has been inspired to lead many writers as she had once before, into a realm of writerly antics. We will march faithfully in search of other writers who are willing to lift their pens (sorry, leave your swords behind) for the cause of all Writerdom.

But I promise you that if you join me (you have until February 12th, 11:59 pm, EST.), you will not regret it--you won't catch any rare diseases, but MORE followers!
Hurry, click here to join!


  1. Is bringing up "Crusades" politically incorrect? Not that I care. I have a pretty good understanding of the original Crusades, but I know certain people in recent years have been offended by the term when used by certain politicians and others. I don't know. Just pondering late on a Friday night.

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  2. Darn, for a minute, I thought you might actually be inviting me on a real religious crusade....
    I totally would have gone!

  3. I originally signed up to pillage gold from other blogs, but I guess I'll do the other stuff too.

  4. I signed up for this a few days ago! I think it's a great idea! :D

  5. Hey fellow Crusader!! Maybe we should get a secret handshake or something? :)

  6. Hi, Elizabeth,

    SO glad you're on the Crusade with the rest of us!


  7. It's amazing to see all of the different thoughts, and emotions that are brought up by the mention of the Crusades, even if the word is used in a context apart form the Middle-Age wars.

  8. Hi, Arlee! I suppose it could be politically incorrect. There are lots of things I consider politically incorrect like Gone with the Wind and most of John Wayne movies with the way women are treated. I don't like it one bit. This is a fun thing, I guess, that happens to be called Crusades. :( I hope I haven't offended anyone out there. :(

    Andrew, lol! Uh, it would be scary if it was a real thing!! :/

    Chris--great one! We will be stealing gold from other blogs that have it there for grabs. I just love when writers share their treasures! <3

    Chentele, I am too! I was a bit scared at first because I've joined the A to Z blogging challenge, but this one seems a whole lot easier. I hope. ;)

    Shari--hi!!! *waving*

    DL, hello! Hmmm, sure, sounds fun. :D

    Michael, thank you! I'm excited and curious how this is going to work out! :D

    Hanny, so true, I agree with you. I wonder what other viewpoints are?

  9. Hi Elizabeth, welcome on board :) Great to have you join us.



  10. Hi Fellow Crusader! That widget on the right with the rotating books is cool!

  11. Rachael, thank you! I'm glad to join--you're so wonderful for hosting something so big! *hugs*

    Kari--Hi!!! Thank you, the first time I found one, I really liked it. Now I have one, too! XD

  12. Hi! Fellow crusader dropping by to follow!


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