Friday, January 28, 2011

Run, Elizabeth, RUN!

It was just this summer that it happened.

I was struck with such feral panic that all I could think was--RUN!

Really, I'm not joking.

My family decided for a nice long drive in the mountains that cut through Utah. We brought a cute little cooler along for a picnic. Well, being that it was July, all shady spots nice by rivers were taken. But we found one. It was more like an off-the-pathway type drive that ended against a drop of trees, cornered by more trees and a flowing river.

We unpacked ourselves (my husband along with my kidlets) and chatted and explored and ate.

My heart turns icy now just thinking about what happened next. Brrr...

Well, I had a keen sensation that something was stalking us. I listened to the breeze pattern through the trees and the whispers of the river and the chattering of my kids. Something certainly felt out of place. I had thought I heard a noise not too far from where we parked. Dread gripped me so tight that I turned to my husband and said, "I think we're in danger. Let's go. Now."

These were my sensations: cold, trembling, rushed, urgency, fluttery heart, shallow breath, wide eyes. My thought processing was amazingly clear and determined. Survival was foremost in my mind.

I called my kids together and quietly ordered them through the hatch of our SUV and slammed it shut, even though they were still trying to situate themselves into their seats. I ran to my door and closed it.

I watched the rear window for any signs of anything, but there was nothing. We drove off without incident. My teen girl had no idea what was going--I did not alert them of my panic, my husband was the ONLY one aware.

Then she asked, "Did we leave because of that noise?"

My heart twisted. "You heard it, too?"

It was the sound of thumping and rustling. Not soft wind rustling, but a big-sized animal rustling.
It took me about thirty minutes to calm down.

I feel that this is a great lesson learned. Always trust my instincts. Always. In life, they protect me from potential harm. While I graciously accept critiques from my writerly palz, my instincts can also protect me from certain suggestions that would lead me into places that would lose me in the woods for a loooong time.

Can you think of a time where your instincts saved you?

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  1. Oooooooooo! Cool story! I walk in the park everyday, and many times it's just before the sun sets when I can get there. I never hear things that frighten me, but I do pass people who I question if they want to do me harm. I haven't decided if it's my instincts kicking in, my creative mind in overdrive, or paranoia that I'm reacting to.

  2. Golly!! What a frightening experience!! What was all that noise about now? Glad you are all safe!! It's always good to trust one's instincts! I always do with regards to the people I meet and with my writing but no frightening experiences for me as yet (touch wood!). Take care

  3. I see the werewolf lurking behind a tree.

  4. I'm not sure if they saved me or not, but I follow them anyway. My senses are heightened just reading about your experience.

  5. Ooo! Now I wonder what it was? A bear? I'm glad everyone made it out safe. As someone who works with animals (though domestic), I have a lot of first-hand experience on trusting my instinct and my reflexes to keep me safe from dog bites and cat scratches, lol. I never thought about applying it to critiques though! Next time I'll give it a try.

  6. i think following your gut is one of the best things you can do in almost any situation, and sometimes, you just KNOW when something feels wrong or right. i almost felt like i was there reading your story.

  7. Em-Musing, uhm, well, it's good to be cautious. I wouldn't necessarily call it paranoia. Speaking of going for late-night walks. I had an incident on that too, but I never saw what it was. It was just a creeping, prickling feeling that shook me so hard I had to turn around and go back home. Brrrr...

    Jennifer, lol! You're so cute. Yes, it's good to be picky with whom you trust your writing with. Great point! :D

    Nessa, LOL! Creepy...

    Shari! I think it's wise to follow them. Thank you, I'm glad you liked my post! <3

    Jennifer, there you are! *Waving* Are you a veterinarian? My daughter wants to be one. Lol, critiques can scratch and bite, too! ;)

  8. Hi, Amphigora! You're right. There's no harm in trusting instincts, is there? I'm happy you enjoyed my writing! Thanks for visiting. *Hugs*

  9. At first, I thought you were reacting to someone lurking in on your family, but an ANIMAL? That's scary. There was a time in London where a bloke tried to get too close to me on the Tube, so I moved to a different part of the carriage. But I still didn't feel comfortable, so I got off at the next stop and hopped on the next train. I'm pretty sure I saved myself from a really bad fate then. Glad we're both safe now!

  10. K.L., I've had that happen to me to while I went to college on a bus. *shiver* Yes, glad we're both alive and kicking!

    Deirdra, ;)

  11. Ooh, I got a shiver. I think this is the best advice you can give anybody, though--always trust your gut. It'll serve you well every time.

  12. Wow, that is a terrifying story! A very good moral too - always trust your instincts. Thank goodness everyone was safe and sound :)


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