Monday, January 24, 2011

Microfiction Monday and Blogfest!

The talented Susan over at Stony River issues a challenge to create a story in 140 characters (or fewer) from a picture she provides. Brilliant, isn't she?

“Da, I promise I didn’t mean to! It was only a bit o’ dry ice it was!”

I hope you liked it! :D

And now for the Top Ten Countdown Music Blogfest!

Alex J. Cavanaugh is hosting his Music Blogfest, Top Ten Countdown today! Please visit his blog for the other wonderful entries.

Alex says,

"Counting down our top tunes of all time!

Music moves us. It inspires us! Now, tell the world YOUR ten favorite songs of all time. The Song, the band – why does it move you?"

  1.  Disturbia by Rihanna--sometimes it feels like that to me (if you know the lyrics), but it sure is FUN to dance to!
  2. Lovers in Japan by Coldplay--Love the sound of it and to dance to!
  3. Where the Streets have no Name by U2--this sometimes fits me when I feel so earthbound, the times that I want to break the chains of daily grind and fly.
  4. I'll Never Let you Go (Angel Eyes) by Steelheart--so romantic! Mike Matijevic has a gorgeous voice.
  5. Dragula by Rob Zombie--have you heard the beat???
  6. Alone by Heart--The singing is expressive and heartfelt. I love to sing to this. :)
  7. To Where you Are by Josh Groban--This and the next 4 songs have to do with losing a loved one. They are so beautifully sung and moving. Listen to them if you can.
  8. Stay by Shakespeare's Sister--
  9. If I could be Where You Are by Enya
  10. My Immortal by Evanescence--Amy Lee has a beautiful, emotional voice that I can match, and this song is so poignant, it brings me to tears. 
I've put my songs below if you're interested in listening to them. Just click "pop-out player" to play the entire list. The songs are not in the same order as above.

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  1. I love your microfiction! LOL!!! Thank you!!

    Great list!!!! Alone by Heart - fab song to sing out loud to!! Yay!! Take care

  2. You're the first one to mention Josh Grobin. Sweet. Me too! You have a lot of awesome songs. Think we'd get along on a long car ride. LOL

  3. hell yeah on the zombie!...
    what a great selection of music


  4. There are so many on this list I love! The U2, Enya, Colplay...actually, I pretty much like your whole list.

  5. I love that Coldplay song. I was going to add it to my list.

  6. Loved the microfiction! Fun idea.

    But i'm feeling old on the music. I know several of the artists, but Streets with No Name is the only song I know!

  7. Evanescence is nice from time to time, and Amy is cute >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  8. Love Disturbia!!!!!!! Great picks!!

  9. Great list - and a Rob Zombie and Steelheart song! Excellent. Thanks for participating, Elizabeth.

  10. Rob Zombie ;) I have many of your picks in my playlist.

  11. Love your list. Thanks for putting up actual music too.

  12. Loved your MM and I love you blog.
    I think it's my first time here.
    I ssure like the music player and songs too.
    I'm think I would love to know more, so I'm going to follow you .
    Have a wonderful week Elizabeth

  13. Funny microfiction fiction!

    the songs are nice too especially disturbia.

  14. STAY by Shakespeare's sisters was such an amazing song! Love seeing it in your list.

  15. I loved the voice in your microfiction, Elizabeth. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on mine. (I actually don't write science fiction, although I enjoy reading it occasionally.)

    Have a great week.

  16. Nice MM. A lot said in such few words.
    Have a great week. Cheers~

  17. Yeah, a little bit of dry ice goes a long way. I like it!

  18. Your MM was cute... but I think he used a bit more than a bit.... :O)

  19. I've dabbled in flash fiction, but micro fiction sounds very interesting! How about Hemingway's "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

  20. Nice list of songs.
    I LOVE the Dragula beat. Good choice!
    Great blog too.

  21. Lol! I can see that bit o' dry ice.....and my own kidlets would love to be your culprits (they are uber excited munchkins when a package arrives with the swirling spiraling block :>)!

  22. Great choices! I especially like the U2 and Heart songs! :)

  23. Dry ice, indeed!
    Very cute. :)

  24. Very original ... of course,dry ice
    boy how writer's minds work
    glad to see you at Susan's Microfiction Monday

  25. Hi! Thank you! Narrowing those songs to just 10 is hard.

    I had fun thinking of something for the MFM as well! Thanks for visiting! :)

  26. I had forgotten all about how we would play with the dry ice at our school picnics. That came right after eating the ice cream.
    Thank you, Elizabeth. :)

  27. Jim, I've always been fascinated with dry ice, as with magnets. lol. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! :D

  28. The U2 song was the only one I knew, but I'm familiar with most of the artists.

    Make sure you check my Wednesday post!
    Tossing It Out

  29. My Immortal is one of my fave songs (love the band version). Fantastic list!

  30. The best part of this blogfest has been reading why the songs made the top ten list.


  31. There really is something addicting about Dragula!

  32. oh no, she dropped the dry ice in the lake, lol. It's a movie prompt.

    Love your blog, I'll make me a cup of coffee and spend some time reading some of your posts. Thanks for coming over to visit me and becoming a follower. I always follow bloggers who follow me, I guess it's kind of like a two way blogland friendship.

    Hope you're having a wonderful day, I'm off to read your older posts.

  33. I love your microfiction!! Dry ice has always fascinated me a well.

    And thanks for visiting my blog and for your warm, thoughtful comment. :-)

  34. KB--Thank you!

    Arlee, I love U2! I look forward to Wednesday with you! :)

    Jennie, thank you! :)

    Donna, it's fun to see what inspires us. :D

    Tara, I know, hu? I love to dance to that song. :D

    Maria, thank you for following my blog! You're so sweet for saying that about my blog, I hope you enjoy it. :)

    Have a wonderful week, everyone and thanks for visiting me! :)

  35. What a great microfiction! It really paints a picture. I can hear the panic in the boys voice. So funny!

  36. It's amazing what a bit 'o the dry ice can do when let loose :-)

  37. Akelamalu, I know! I feel like one because it's so fun to play with! :D

    Kim, thank you! *Hugs*

    Scott, lol, yes, you should see. :D

  38. Really like the dry ice idea!
    top ten favorite songs ? couldn't do it there's
    such a wonderful massive collection-Musicals,rock, blues, jazz-?a zillion decades...
    I have the same trouble with books- what are you in the mood for ? *GRIN*

  39. a bit of dry ice!! priceless
    I want to try that now :)

  40. Dry ice...that's hysterical! I love how creative everyone gets.

    And thanks for stopping by my little road. :)

  41. I wanted to pop back over here to read more of your posts,and I liked what I read so you'll see me here again! :)

  42. Izzy, no kidding. It's whatever suits at the moment! :)

    Dianne, it's so fun! Though I believe that it would take a LOT to make an entire lake/river do that! lol

    Hope, thank you and you're welcome. I appreciate you dropping by, too!

    Hi, Susan! You're more than welcome to drop by any time you wish! *hugs*

  43. Love your picture and caption beneath!

  44. Fun story. I'd like to play with dry ice but right now we have lots of the real thing.

  45. Dry ice! How creative. I'm still smiling.

  46. Heart, I forgot to add Heart to my list! And I like your mini story [g]


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