Monday, January 31, 2011

Meet Guest Blogger Konstanz Dalrymple!

Today my wonderful friend Konstanz, is guest posting for me. She's such a warm-hearted person, I can't help but love her. Please visit her blog and follow her, she's a fantastic friend!

Hey there! My name is Konstanz Dalrymple,
I began writing in 2007 and just barely finished my first book in September! I love to write and I plan on being a writer for the rest of my life! Since I began writing I have conjured up almost 40 book ideas!

The book I just finished will be a series of two books. (Only the first book is done) For now I have set it aside so that I can get away from it! Then in a couple of months I can go back to it with a total fresh mind!

While I wait to work on that book, I am working on another one. (With 40 book ideas, I am never without something to work on)

I have lots of people helping me and supporting me which I don’t know how I would survive without them! For example:

One night I was having the hardest time and I was totally stuck due to writers block! I didn’t know what I was going to do seems how I had given myself a deadline and at that point I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to make it! In my despair I got on Facebook in hopes that someone would be on there that I could talk to. I was right. . .

Elizabeth was on there. I hadn’t really ever talked to her but I had a feeling that my prayers were being answered! I began talking to her and I told her the plot to my book. . . the details, the characters. After a good half an hour she asked if she could call me. I said sure. . .

Within a couple of minutes of her talking to me on the phone ideas started flying through my head and I knew what had to come next! I know that because I prayed and she had prayed to be able to help me that I was able to make my deadline!

The list of people helping me out is quite a long one so I won’t bore you with the whole list but at the top of that list if my Best friend Katie, my Other Best friend, Laurel and the nine women that got me started in writing including Shanna and none other than Karen Hoover!

But, above all the people that help me Heavenly Father is my constant guide! When I work on my books he is always by my side and he always read’s over my shoulders, making sure that I put the right words in because he want’s me to succeed just like all of my other friends!

Every writer deserves a friend to talk to about books and I hope every writer has one! I wish the best of luck to all in their writing journeys!

Always remember, No thought is too small to write about!

Thank you, Konstanz, for the warm fuzzies. It was a pleasure having you over!

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  1. Nice to meet you, Konstanz. And thanks Elizabeth. I have my writer friends from MVRWA who are always there helping me out. And in the wee hours of the morning when no one is up...I turn to the Lord.

  2. Hi Konstanz

    I'm looking forward to reading from you. I hope your book will make you proud.

    You're lucky you had someone to talk to, someone with experience. I wish I'd have had that when I worked on my first book.

    Nice to meet you

  3. Em-Musing, sounds like Heaven to be able to pray without interruption! Thanks for dropping by!

    Nahno, welcome! Thanks for visiting.


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