Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Guest, Anastasia V. Pergakis

Hello! Thanks Elizabeth so much for having me today! I feel so honored that you asked me to blog here.
Anyway, when Elizabeth first me to guest blog for her, I asked her what she wanted me to write about. She sent me this –
I would love to know what you're currently working on. Is it finished? Do you love the characters? Do they call you all the time? Are you done with your edits and when are you planning to submit? What's the hardest part of this book? Do you plan to write other books? What genres do you like? I guess about anything that strikes your writerly fancies. Stuff that inspires readers to write. :D
Lots of questions! I’ll try to answer them all without making this post too long and leave a little inspiration for my fellow writers.

I’m currently working on The Faery’s Tale Saga: Burden of Prophecy. It’s the first book in the series. At the moment, I have one agent and a publishing company looking at the first few chapters! It was very exciting as it was the first time I’d ever pitched my novel, so I’m thrilled!
I love my characters so much! They are like my best friends. And they do call me all the time – at all hours of the day and night.
The hardest part of the book for me was the editing. I wrote the book originally many years ago, and put it away for a long time. When I came back to it, I realized how much I needed to fix. The stand alone grew into four books as I rewrote, replotted, and fixed the story. That took a lot out of me – for a long time. However, it was worth it in the end. It is not the first novel I ever wrote, but it’s the first one I took seriously.
Do I plan to write other books? Of course! I have many other WIPs waiting to either be finished or edited.
I love reading mystery novels. I get a thrill from the suspense and I always try to solve the mystery or crime before the characters do. I write High/Epic Fantasy. It appeals to my inner child I think, getting to use so much of my imagination to build brand new worlds, people, and cultures. I do have some ideas for a few Urban Fantasies and Sci-Fi, but they are waiting to be finished and/or started.
I think that answers all the questions! Now, on to the inspirational writerly stuff.
I want to talk about how important it is to have a strong and positive support group around you. As a writer, we need people to help us. Even if it’s just a hello on a blog comment, it’s nice to know that people notice us, right? Crit partners, editors, agents, etc all help writers further their career. However, I want to talk about friends and/or blogging friends. Elizabeth posted something similar a while back, and I want to add my own two cents here.
Recently, I fell off the blogging world for a couple of different reasons. After a month, Elizabeth hunted me down and asked if everything was okay. I seriously wanted to cry. I was missed! Someone noticed I was gone!
So, she didn’t inspire some huge plot twist in my story or help me fix that one scene. But, as a writer, I needed her – and so does everyone else. Now, I don’t mean Elizabeth exactly, although she’s pretty awesome! All writers need to have a person that notices when they go missing.
I was very depressed and stressed to the max in my personal life, and my writing life suffered because of it. The one email from Elizabeth brightened my day instantly! How wonderful it was to get a kind word from someone! In that moment I wasn’t “Mom”, “wife”, “student”, “writer”, or a “business woman”. I was plain ol’ Anastasia – with no demands. Don’t get me wrong, I love my busy life, but it was nice to have a person look me up just because of ME and not for any of my roles or titles.
Every writer should have a person that does this for them. Heck, every single person should have this! But for as a writer, it can make the different whether we actually submit a query just one more time or finally finish that book. Knowing that someone was there, that was concerned about me, made all the difference.
Oh but Anastasia, doesn’t your husband worry about you? Sure – but he’s my hubby and sometimes he doesn’t get it. Even though Elizabeth doesn’t know what actually happened in my personal life, it’s the fact that she understands what it’s like to try to balance hectic family life with writing. She gets it! And that goes a long way with me. Just the fact that all my writing friends here in the blogging world and online, go through the exact same stresses I do trying to balance and keep up with everything makes me feel like I can do this! Because I’m not alone.

Anastasia, thank you so much for your wonderful post. *Hugs* I'm honored to have you here, too! I'm so glad that you're back, because I really did miss you and yes, I was really worried about you!

Go visit Anastasia and become a follower--she's awesome!
Explore her website!

Keyhole Blogfest REVEAL! A writer who loves art! Great guessing everyone and thank you! :)


  1. I am so glad the fabulous Elizabeth Mueller hunted you down and drew you out, Anastasia V Pergakis!! Many thanks for this guest blog piece - it's very inspirational! I so agree that you do need a good network of support to help you when days are dark!!!! I wish you all the luck with your series of books - they sound enchanting!!!

    Take care

  2. A wonderful guest post by an awesome person indeed. *waves hi*

    And a great topic. While I knew some of this already, I think this was a great topic to mention because sometimes we forget the difference in support. I'll admit that there have been times in the past where I wondered if I'd really be that missed. I'd see some people I consider friends and how they interact with each other, the conversations about chats, messengers, emails, groups they made together, how they read each others novels and even phone calls. But none of it was I ever invited to take part in and it did bug me a little because in that moment I didn't feel that other support. I still feel it on occasion but I also know that I have support now that understands.

    I'm certainly glad you're here on blogs. Wouldn't be the same without you. *hugs*

  3. Excellent guest post! It's true that having support, from the online community and from people you know in person, can be a huge help.

    Good luck on your novels, Anastasia!

  4. The support is critical! I've an awesome wife and some great test readers, but I really added to that group when I started blogging. Some awesome people online!
    Thanks for hosting Anastasia!

  5. I have found so many people online who have been supportive and I also have a local group I get to see every now and then. Great post.

  6. Kitty: I'm glad the post was inspirational. I'm glad Elizabeth was there too as I missed the blogosphere for sure. Enchanting! Such a great word. Thanks!

    Dawn: Awww. You're so sweet. I get jealous sometimes too when I see friends have support that I don't. But then I remember that I do have all the support I need right now.

    Eagle: Thanks for the luck! It can be a huge help and I'm glad the online community is here for sure.

    Alex: It's great that you have an awesome wife that supports you too. My husband supports me as best he can even though like I said, he really doesn't 'get it' the way my fellow writers do! Yes, there are some gret folks online and I'm glad to have met some of them! (Like you!)

  7. Her projects sound interesting and she has a great attitude. I hope the best for her... her new series about fairies sounds right up my wife's alley.

  8. Jennifer, thanks for dropping by. Writing support is VERY important. It's a lonely thing, being a writer.

    Dawn, *HUGS* I know how you feel. That's how it is for me. It's not easy being a writer, because on top of laborious work, we need to connect with others that share our interests. I'm here if you would ever like writing support. Really!!! elizabethmueller6ATgmail

    Eagle, support IS vital!!! :)

    Alex, sounds like you're doing great! Having a spouse who's intensely interested in your work is such a PLUS!!!!

    Susan, good! It's great to have that behind ya!

    Anastasia, hey, it was nice to have you over! Let's chat sometime! :)

    Cheeseboy, thanks for dropping by. Hooray for fairies! :)

  9. Susan: It's great that you have a local group behind you. I'm trying to find one here, but so far it's slow going. Maybe I'll just start one myself.

    Cheeseboy: Faeries are lots of fun to write about! Thanks for the well wishes - those are what keep me in a positive attitude for sure!

  10. Elizabeth: I'd love to chat sometime! Call me whenever! (Phone might be easier at the moment than google talk! You do have my number right?)

  11. What a nice interview. The answers were helpful and she seemed so positive. Great post.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  12. Thanks Raquel! I do try to stay positive, especially when presenting myself online. It helps especially when other writers need a little boost too! Thanks for commenting!

  13. Anastasia, yes, I have your phone! I agree with you, I like calling! <3

    Raquel, yes, she's an awesome writerly pal to have around! ;)


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