Saturday, December 4, 2010

Keyhole Blogfest is here!

The brilliant Madeleine Maddocks is holding a guess-and-tell Blogfest. She says:

"Describe a person's living space in no more than 500 words so that we can vividly imagine the absent person.

Then guess from the descriptions posted who lives in a room like this."

Mounds of paper scattered as the salty breeze whispered through the curtains. A billowy quill fluttered before settling into a standstill. Beside that, droned a partially closed laptop. Its quiet whir vibrated lightly across the oak-grained surface of the Elizabethan writing desk. Steam curled lazily when the breeze silenced, a mug of coffee staining the surface.

The swivel chair--a contrast in centuries to its oaken companion--faced a blue vista of sighing waves where an old easel resided. On it, sat an oil rendition of royal hues from deep rose to dancing purples over the ocean deep. A collection of brushes angled into several directions in a rusted can, old paint a thin coat beneath each tuft.

In the sandy distance, a chair reclined. A place of renewal, a place of meditation, a place of awareness.


Let's go read the others' entries, just click on button below. ;)

Who do you think would live in a place like this? Please leave your answer in the comments (I will reveal the absent person on Sunday's post)!

Thanks for visiting, have a great weekend!


  1. Oh I love this. It sounds like my dream writing room. Definitely the place for a writer. :) Awesome description... loved the "sighing waves."

  2. It's probably for a successful writer, or someone with money who wants to. I say that because of the view and the desk, which both seem like expensive additions to the scene, and which a struggling writer presumably couldn't afford.

  3. Wow - very evocative!!! I love the thought of this writer by the ocean!!! How inspiring!! Thank you for sharing this, take care

  4. LOL ... it sounds like a writer's oasis from Madeleine's last blogfest! Yours perhaps?!


  5. Yes I agree with Dom, it is definitely a place where someone artist and creative would spend their time. How wonderful. A writer?

  6. I wish it was MY room, it sounds beautiful. ;)

  7. Pk: Thank you! It sounds dreamy, doesn't it? *Sigh*

    Hi, Stu! I do love your perception! :D

    Jennifer, thank you! I do to. :)

    Hello, Dominic--um... it wasn't mine. I've been so out of touch of all blogfests lately. Time has been my enemy because I treat him badly. :(

    Madeleine! Thank you for hosting this blogfest! It shook the dust from me. :)

    Jennifer, me too! Thank you. :)

  8. I have a tiny sea view if I ever decide to write on my balcony, I am tempted to set up my writing space there now (while the rain pelts my back)

  9. Oh, want! The correct answer is me, right? You just haven't told me about how you organised a house for me. That must be it.

  10. So beautiful....when can I move in? It sounds like paradise, writing by the water....bliss.

  11. Joanna! You're so sweet! Thank you for following my blog! :) Wow, yes, you should do that! It sounds romantic! You'll have to take a photo of it and post it on your blog! <3

    Amie--lol! You're cute. Are you going to invite me over? I want in! ;)

    Margo, thank you! Any time. :D I know, I so agree with you! <3

  12. Beautifully written and much appreciated by me, as I live by the sea. I knew it was a writer but I thought one with a nautical connection!

  13. I thought it was Ellie's work room! :)
    I'd definitely like it to be mine.
    It's a writer's space for sure.

  14. I have a key award that you can pass on to anyone who guessed your room's occupant correctly over at mine. Thanks for joining the fest it was great fun to read your entry. :O)


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