Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just 2 Things . . .!

There are two things I've learned from a course that I'm taking to help cut down on information dumping, back story, extra words, phrases, scenes or even chapters (or whatever else you can include in this list).

Ask yourself this as you edit:

1. Does it strengthen the character?

2. Does it pull the story forward?

What's in your toolbox?

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  1. Though we hear of these two things ever so often, we still do not pay attention to it. Thanks for the reminder, Elizabeth.

  2. Ooo, great reminder! Another good one is: does the character have a clear want. Easy to overlook that one. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I've got much better at spoting repetition and over-explaining things. Thank you for reminding about the other two!

  4. Great questions. I seem to be constantly asking myself your second one. Thanks.

  5. Yes, I've learned to ask these questions, but sometimes it still takes someone else (beta reader) to answer them.

  6. Oh I love these questions to ask while editing!!! Definitely worth remembering!! Thank you! Take care

  7. Tell me about the painting of the indians above? Is it a book cover? If it is I want to read it.

  8. excellent questions - thank you!

  9. Oh. Absolutely excellent. Even I can remember those :)

  10. I have to ask myself the second question quite often.

    In answer to your question, I would never reject you.

  11. Amazing questions! I need to remember those. Thank you!!

  12. I have a JUNKYARD full of data dump that has been edited out of my MS. I can always use some of these parts and pieces down the road on other books I'm writing.

  13. Two very good things to think about! Thanks for sharing. :)

  14. Great questions! I try to remember them, but it's nice to have the reminder!

  15. Excellent advice, Lizzie! I need to remember that first one, especially. =D

  16. That's a very simple way of looking at it, and very true.

  17. THose are great questions to ask.

  18. Rachna, I try to remember them. I wrote them down on 'sticker paper' and put them on the border of my laptop so that they would always scream at me as I write. But like Em-Musing said, I need someone to point out if I have too much going on, because I might certainly think that what I have moves the story forward. *sigh*

    Shannon, so true! Yes, it's important to always clarify the character's goal. Thank you! :))

    Ellie, I'm better at filing down repetition, but as far as over-explaining things *cringe* I just crashed and burned at our Open Mic Night yesterday. So embarrassing. *blushing*

    Salarsen, thank you! So true, it's a good way of keeping important stuff in and non out. ;)

    Em-Musing--amen! I find them invaluable! Great one!

    Jennifer, you're welcome! I'm glad you will. :)

    Bryan, thank you!!! :)

    Ceil, I wish it was a book cover. Sorry. :( It's gorgeous, isn't it? It strikes my fancy to write a romance novel off of that. Should I? ;)

    Angela, thank you! <3

    Marcy, you're welcome, I hope it helps. :)

    Carol, great! Thank you for visiting. :D

    Shari, *hugs* Thank you. I'll email you. I have something to share with you as well.

    Colene, you're welcome! I hope they help. :D

    Stephen--so true! Beautiful writing is beautiful writing. I love that idea. Thanks for sharing that. :)

    Aubrie, thank you! :)

    Anastasia, you're welcome! :) I hope it works fine for you.

    Laura, thank you. :) I tend to run away with detail on deepening the character. *blush* I think beta readers are excellent!

    Kim, thank you. :)

    Clarissa, thanks! :)

  19. Ah, I so need to apply these questions to my writing. Thanks!

  20. Hi, Elizabeth! You're welcome! :)

    Elana! A good thing to have, aren't they? You're welcome.


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