Friday, December 3, 2010

Fantastic Friday Writers!

How do I connect with my main character on a personal level?

I do just about anything that comes to mind to connect with my imagined babies. From keeping track of their vital statistics and psychic evaluation to mug shots and conversing. You can imagine what a shrink would say to me after seeing the many lives I lead? O.o

Here are some mug to full body shots of a few of my main characters that I drew/or found photos of so that I can draw closer to each one. Enjoy!

(lol, I'm not too fond of Alex's portrait, either, they look too cartoonish, a rather POOR attempt of drawing them. Ugh...)

*sigh* He's more like it. Meet Eros,
aka cupid, Aphrodite's son,
from my YA urban fantasy Romance, Eros.

This is Pentulla from my adult high fantasy novel, Tragic Innocence.
She comes to terms with her tragic past and resolves to right it.
(I probably need to rethink the title.)

Crow is a well-respected warrior, also from Tragic Innocence.

Spring Brook is a jealous side-character that plays
a very important and surprising role in Tragic Innocence.

Aldrek from Khandra's Mists, an adult 10th century read.
He is prince of his nation, determined to conquer his enemy.

Athikah is Aldrek's enemy queen. Yes, there is romance
in this novel, but it's a quiet element in my book.

Jaed and Dominic from Kill me Softly paranormal romance.
The ending scene of a novel I have yet to complete!
(My poor attempt at water color, oy.)

Meet Chengral. He's from a distant planet, commissioned by his
beloved queen and lover to slay their colony here on Earth during
the Viking era. This is an adult read with violence and romance woven through.
No, it's not a violent romance. ;)
The darkest book I've written.
I tagged it with a working title called Chengral.

Morgan Taylor. Or better yet known as Moggie
from my YA contemporary romance novel,
Rock Star. Yes, he does look a LOT like Michael Praed--tee hee!

One of the most stimulating ways I've ever connected with an MC was through a chatline with my friend, Megan. I "slipped" into Moggie's head. He took over my body and chatted with Megan's main character without shame.

Whoooo! It was quite the experience. Talk about multi-personality disorder. Lol. I felt his emotions as Megan's MC provoked him with touchy questions.

I became him. It was A-mazing.

How do you connect with your characters on a personal level?
Would your MC like a chat session with mine? Leave a comment and let me know.

Dec. 17, 2010:
Our next topic of discussion: What do you put into your character bible?

See what Fantastic Friday Writers have to say about their characters!

uPdAtE!!! The sweet Michelle Merrill interviewed me on her blog, please drop by and say hi!


  1. Wow - those pictures are fabulous!
    I absolutely agree that having a concrete image is tremendously helpful. For those who lack your prestigious talent, they could always imagine what actor they would like to have play their MC in the film adaptation, then go picture hunting!

  2. I think I'm in love with Aldrek!! Wow!

    These are brilliant drawing of your characters Elizabeth!! I think you have them visually perfect!! Yay!!!

    Thank you for sharing these here! Take care

  3. I am totally jealous of your artistic talent! I make avatars with a little avatar maker for my characters, but they look like anime types of things and don't really work fully. Awesome artwork!

  4. You're an amazing drawer! I like Eros ^_^

  5. These are fantastic!! Just by looking at them I'm connected with the characters. Wow!

  6. That's easy for you to say! You have some real artistic talent. I even have problem with describing the way my characters' appearances. This is a weakness in my character development. I rarely think about how the characters look.

    Tossing It Out

  7. I love the pictures, Elizabeth. Liked Eros a lot. He is awesome!!! Your artistic talent has left me staring open mouthed at the pictures. Wow, Lady, you rock!!!!!

  8. You have such amazing talent. I am not nearly so visual in how I think of my characters--for some I get a solid vision--usually for a character in a movie or a TV show that would fit but 95% of my characters don't have a super solid visual. I DO have solid complete personalities--psychology is my field and astrology is a hobby and between the two I have a pretty solid grasp on behavioral consistency (or what is needed to make someone act inconsistently). I tend to choose a birthdate based on how the story needs them to responde to some set up, then I use the astrology to round out how they might be in other ways.

  9. Very enjoyable post. It's given me lots of food for thought about characters. I also enjoyed your interview over at Michelle's. :O)

  10. I love your pictures, especially Spring Brook, she has such an attitude about her. I'm also an artist but the only picture I have of my characters is in my head. I connect with the main characters and sub-characters through writing their story. Sometimes I have to write a separate piece just to explore their personality. Although my heroine, who is a modern American is a little bit of many types I have either known or seen in movies or read about. Probably 10 % is me. I'd love to chat with one of your characters, but be warned, Missie doesn't believe in fairy tales or alternate worlds even though she gets thrust into one.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  11. Your artwork is amazing! And I approve of the first character's name.

  12. What a great idea for relating to your characters! I'm jealous of anybody who can draw, since I can only draw stick-figures. Don't be bashful about showing us more!

  13. I think if I had your artistic ability I might stop writing and try my hand at being a professional artist. Great way to connect.

  14. great pictures! And a great post. I often draw my characters as well. thanks:)

  15. Love the pics! I love how you chatted as your character. I always say I should write little side stories about mine, or conversations that aren't in my actual book. Thanks for the ideas!

  16. Your artwork is awesome! I sometimes do little sketches, but mostly I find pics of models or celebrities that closely resemble my characters. Oh and by the way, I would love to have a conversation with your characters and my characters! Ana and I do it all the time. It IS amazing!

  17. Dominic--I agree with you. It brings the MCs to life once there's a concrete image to go with them!

    Jennifer, lol! You're so cute. Thank you! :D

    Anastasia, I've always thought that your avatars were cute! I'm very impressed that you and Jenn have your MCs chat with each other. I really love that concept. It's VERY pansterish! :D

    Kirthi, thank you! :)

    Salarsen, why thank you! That's very flattering. :)

    Arlee, there was a time where I had the hardest time imagining anything, from the world they lived in to their actual faces. I know how you feel. *Hugs* Maybe we can get together and talk about a way to bring them to lift? ;) Let me know!

    Rachna, thank you so much! You warm my heart! :)

    Colene, thank you!

    Hart. Wow. I had never ever thought to use astrology to determine personalities. I think that is WAY cool! Thanks for sharing that tidbit! ;)

    Madeleine, thank you for visiting my interview. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for following, too! <3

    Marcy, you're a wonderful artist! I love your drawings. Thanks for visiting! :)

    Abby, behind the stages is very important to bringing an MC to life, isn't it? :D

    Jenn! Thank you. Model and celeb pics are great. :0) I'd love to have our MCs chat, that would be sooo fun! <3

  18. You're a wonderful artist, Elizabeth! I'm really digging Aldrek's picture, especially! ;)

  19. You are an amazing artist. I know that's what most everyone else said, and it's not very original, but it's true! I still love the one you did of me!


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