Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who would've guessed?

I write like
Stephen King
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Here's the excerpt I used from Rock Star (some groupies are smothering him, and he's angry with one of his band members):

A freight train blasted down the tracks of his brain. It blinded him. His head reeled. Cheeks stung hot. Mirah owed him for her VIP. She was whiny and arrogant and pigheaded . . .

“I would so treat you way better.”

Their fondling kisses shadowed his movements. Suddenly feeling smothered, he pushed away and grunted. His passion dampened. He grimaced and elbowed them off. Their yelps unnoticed. He stood. One wrenched from under his foot and wailed.

It told me something different from other parts of the MS. Hmmm . . .

Who do you write like? ;) Please leave a comment, I wanna know!! :)


  1. So I realized that I hadn't posted this til just now. Ugh. I thought I had it set for midnight last night, but no! I didn't bother to check which month it was good to go on: November 12! Can you believe that? Grrrr.

    Moving on!

  2. I put in a section of my classic style, funny middle grade book... and got George Orwell. What the?!

  3. George Orwell? I agree with you. I think the little monkey inside is out to lunch. That's crazy...


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