Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Autograph are You?

My husband brought home a career worksheet on graphology. That is the study of handwriting, what it says about your personality. Exciting, isn't it?

Many think that graphology isn't reliable, but it's fun!

Let's see what your author's autograph (or others') say/s about you after you've signed your books:


Large writing: You think big. You enjoy being noticed.


Small writing: You're detail-oriented; you don't like being the center of attention


Writing that slants right: You like to show your feelings; you're a social butterfly, active and motivated


Writing that slants left: You keep your feelings to yourself; you don't want to go out and "face the world"


Writing that slants up: you're optimistic

Mine is large. Ahem. Yes, it's true!!! :D

I'm curious! What does your autograph reveal about you? Is it accurate?


  1. Apparently I'm a social butterfly who likes to show my feelings. Guilty as charged!

  2. That is very interesting. I tend to mix it up with my signature, I think. I'm not really sure which one I am. Hah.

  3. LOL!! That's such fun!! Mine is large and largely indecipherable! LOL!!!

    Take care

  4. What my handwriting mostly says about me is that I have had too many people looking over my shoulder as I write over the years. It has descended into a kind of defensive illegibility.

  5. Mine's large and slants up and to the right. Egads. hahaha

  6. Mine is small, slanted left and up. Interesting.....and, as far as I can gauge, accurate!

  7. So what does it say about sloppy or illegible? Mine is large and upward sloping, but also pretty darned unattractive...

  8. yup, I write small and I am very detailed oriented - annoyingly so at times. Interesting post!

  9. That's fun! From what I can tell, it's accurate.

  10. Large and slants right. So, I think big, enjoy being noticed and share my feelings. Yeah, that's pretty true.

  11. My handwriting varies, since I can write with both my left and my right.

  12. Mine's more on the small side. And slants in several directions. What the heck does that mean?

  13. Amie, how fun is that! I'd love to meet you, because I'm the same way! <3

    Salarsen, maybe you are a bit of everything? :)

    Jennifer, LOL! *sigh* :)

    Stu--you make me crack up! :)

    C.N. Ooh, so you're an optimistic that enjoys being noticed! Cool! :D

    Lisa, *hugs* Interesting, isn't it?

    Hart, I think that it still applies even if you don't write legibly. :D

    Colene, great! Thank you! :)

    MSHatch, thank you. :)

    Hi, Shari! How fun. Which are you??? ;)

    Angie, how fun! Mine is large and messy and very loopy. :)

    Eagle, how cool is that?

    Alex--ROFL!!! You're funny. :D

  14. Mine is large I guess, it usually takes all or more of the room alloted and it slants to the right. It is level but letters dip below line quite often and it is illegible.

  15. Ohhhh, that is fun. Mine slants up, and that says I'm an optimist (Very Correct!). It also slants toward the right, claiming I'm a social butterfly and show my feeling...not so much. I'm an optimist that does not want to stand out, and is detail oriented. One out of two aint bad!

    Thanks for sharing this.

  16. Budd, it sounds like you know your place and are quite confident about it! ;)

    Kim, I'm glad you liked this! :)


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