Sunday, November 14, 2010

Seeking Your Inner Strength

No matter how old we are, we all need to feel loved and accepted.

I've recently have felt unwanted, and struggled with my tears to be strong.

This came to mind: even though I'm not feeling welcomed, I need to remember that I am a strong, loving person. I am worth something. I am a mom. A wife. A friend.

I have been blessed with gifts that could help brighten others' lives and I love to share.

Those who surrounded me don't really know who I am, and won't let me get close on any level for some unknown reason. I could only guess, but what good would that do me?

As the moment pressed on, I pushed the unpleasant thoughts from my heart and lifted myself and let go the hurt.

I always need to remember that I belong to my family at home. To a fantastic group of writers, including all my bloggie friends--you!

I want you to know this, when you are feeling down, lonely or worthless, please know that you are, indeed, loved, treasured and wanted.

You have a friend in me.

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  1. What a heart-warming, inspiring post!

    I’ve had my own tears too, lately. But, I believe they make us stronger. You are far from worthless!

    Thanks for such a touching post :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. Anybody who writes a post like that just deserves a big hug.



  3. Hello, Masked Blogger, *HUGS* I don't like it when people feel sad. It breaks my heart because I've felt that way too many times. You are so right, the tears do make us stronger. Thank you for visiting me! <3

    Bru! *HUGS* Thank you so much for your kindness. I appreciate your friendship. <3

  4. As long as you have a loving family, you have riches beyond counting. Take strength from that, and don't let anyone make you feel worthless!

  5. Those are hard feelings to have and not feel overwhelmed. How wonderful to have a home and family where you can recharge. It's a great blessing to have a place and people who give a place for our hearts to rest, stretch, and begin to grow again. Keep your chin up!

  6. Blessing and cyber hugs upon you. :) I think we've all been there and can certainly relate. Blogging is a fast way to discover you're not alone. LOL I've been struggling with the "If not now, when, God?" syndrome and after many tears and much heartache, I have finally heard my answer. I need to settle down and trust Him. Why is that so hard sometimes? Okay, sorry. I just got my answer and I'm waxing theological now. LOL Hope you're feeling better!

  7. Botanist, you are SO right. Thank you for your golden thoughts. I appreciate your encouragement! :)

    Rich, that's right. My family doesn't judge me. It certainly is a place to recharge and count my blessings as well! :)

    Victoria, thank you for the hugs. Hugs back on you! I'm so happy that you've received your answer. Yes, how right you are in trusting Him and finding peace in that no MATTER what. Ooh, I love your theologicalness. We should chat online and do some more of it. It would be most uplifting because I love encouraging and encouragement. Thank you for dropping by. I am feeling better. I'll just have to be stronger the next time it happens again. <3

  8. Great post and so true. We all feel that way sometimes. And most of the time I find it's unfounded. Usually just hormones! LOL For me at least. Thank heavens for those who surround us, like family. I don't know what I'd do without mine. I've felt so frustrated and crappy. They are the ones who keep me going.

  9. I made up a little saying, and every time I start feeling down about myself, I repeat it in my head:

    What is is going to take,
    for me to finally see
    He purposely made me the way
    He wanted me to be!

    We are all different, but each unique and each special in His eyes!

  10. You are so super awesome and interesting, I can't imagine anyone not wanting to know you better.
    This internet community is rather awesome.

  11. *hugs back* We all need to hear this sometimes, don't we? I think families in particular can take us for granted (especially kids--they don't really have full appreciation yet, for what we give and do, so can be downright rotten).

    This blogging community though, is fabulous... I'd much rather see myself through the eyes I find here than the ungrateful fruit of my loins. *shifty*

  12. Melissa, family is a great place to run to when everything goes bad. I'm so grateful for mine! <3

    Kim, you're so sweet! Thank you for sharing your beautiful saying! I love it... *Hugs*

    Jolene, *hugs* Thank you so much, you're wonderful! I'm happy to have friends like you! <3

    Hart, rofl! I know, kids do take us for granted. *Sigh* Especially when they threaten to run away because we're making them do dishes or homework. Lol! Thank you for visiting! ;)

  13. I love all my blogging buddies, too. They make a huge difference in my life. Hugs to you!

  14. Melissa, yes, you are so right. You guys are just an awesome bunch! *Hugs back!*

  15. Sometimes just remembering that the person who descended below them all is probably the only One whose thoughts really matter, is what matters most.

  16. Shari, you're so right! My hubby said that one time, too. How could I forget? *hugs* Thanks for dropping by! :)

  17. I can relate to your post, Elizabeth. I have felt sad and low several times in the last few weeks.
    Hugs to you. Hope you feel better fast.

  18. A beautiful post. I wish you many bright days ahead.

  19. And you are one of the kindest, dearest friends in the world. Few people share such a unique heart as yours Elizabeth. I'm glad I touched virtual shoulders with you!

    I think the sentiment you share of feeling lonely, and unwelcome is far more universal that we think. All of us put on a front all the while our heart is breaking inside. Thanks for sharing your strength!

  20. Rachna, *Hugs* Thank you, sweetie. I hope you feel better, too. I don't like it when friends hurt. :(

    Glynis, thank you so much! :D

    Lisa, thank you for sharing your heart as well. I'm so glad to have had the honors in getting to know you. You're so sweet! *hugs* <3

  21. Love the picture at the end of the post! While I wish *that picture* were always the case with women... it's simply not. So, love yourself, love your family, and be who you are meant to be.

    ((hugs)) and understanding...

  22. Margo, thank you! I appreciate that. I will work had on that. Next time it happens, I'll keep that close to my heart. *Hugs*

  23. thats a lovely post. thanks for your comment on my diary thing. ive not been online to see it as i had no connection for a few weeks. that was really annoying. hope youre well :))

  24. Hi, Amphigora. You're cute. It's fine. I'm glad that you've made it through! Thank you! <3


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