Friday, November 19, 2010

Fantastic Friday Writers!

What inspires our Fantasy/Sci-Fi minds to write?

For me, this post took some brain power to think up (it's been a crazy week).

First of all, I 'd like to mention my findings with my recently voting thing on my blog, asking which genre you write. I was amazed at the results!

Romance came in at 25%, historical at 8%, Sci-Fi at 33%, High fantasy at 41%, Horror 8%, Paranormal 50%, Urban Fantasy 33% and other33% out of 12 voters.

I know this for sure, my creativity opens and flows so much better when I write fantasy. I get a strong sense of escapism that is very liberating for me.

I don't have just one specific thing that gives me inspiration. It could be a phrase, instrumental music, beautiful art, a tree, a sunset, clouds, an idea that is briefly introduced in a movie, a thought shared by someone at church in passing that has nothing to do with vampires, but the phrase stirs great plots...

As an example of an idea shown to me in the movies, here is my secret. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. The little cupid guys that sang and flew around their heads. I was so enamored by them that an entire novel unscrolled before my eyes! I was so thrilled to get home and start writing.

I quickly jotted down the basic thought into my cellphone so that I wouldn't forget. Previous to that incident, the word stupid cupid kept floating back to me. I loved the idea and played around with it that when I saw that movie--bam! It hit me all at once.

Another incident was while we were traveling a great distance to my hubby's job interview, a summery entered my head. I wrote it down as soon as we got to the hotel, and when we got home, I completed the novel weeks later.

Another one, and I find this hilarious, is when my hubby and I were at a bed and breakfast. He was up to his chin in bubbles in the jetted-tub (now I know why there are rules against bubble baths in those things, lol!!) and when I saw him, an entire novel flashed before my eyes. It had to do with mermaids, a necklace and a teen girl. Go figure.

I can't say what inspires my fantasy mind to write, exactly. But I do know one thing for sure, it really takes pure imagication!

*See what the Fantastic Friday Writers have to say about this!

What inspires you're magic?

Have a GREAT weekend!

(Next FFW posting: Dec. 3, 2010: How do you connect with your MC on a personal level?)

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  1. This is an interesting post with some fun pictures. I'm not sure about my magic. Part of it comes from studying things like the elements but some come from dreams, which I don't know the inspiration for either.

  2. I imagine bubbles in a hot tub multiply rather fast!
    I think we're all going to mention escape as a motivating factor as well.

  3. Very thought provoking. I find that I actually write only to fill other peoples requests. I rarely write for myself and almost never practice writing. I will go a year without writing, then a student or a friend needs something and I will write in a flurry to fill that request. I guess I just like to make others happy.

  4. I think part of the magic is not knowing where it actually comes from in the first place. The ideas that spring up out of nowhere are often the best ones. :)

  5. Dawn, dreams are a very strong source of influence on writing. I think that's a great place to have with your writing! ;)

    Alex, I look forward to reading your post! :D

    Bryan, I can see that. That's how it's like for my art. I'll doodle here and there, but will give it my better best for a request! Thanks for visiting me! :D

    Eagle, that's one of the funnest things about being a writer--the adventures we go on while writing! :)

  6. I have to agree that I really have no idea where inspiration comes from. I mean, yeah, I think the main source is my background, like I said in my post, but as for specific things that spur specific ideas? I don't know, it's really any random old thing - Form media to a childhood memory, to mundane objects in a gift shop, to art, and everything in between. Us writers really don't know when or how we will come up with an idea next, but we just always do lol.

  7. I love all those pictures on your blog. You should share sometime were you find them. I think those pictures alone can inspire us fantasy types. I must admit, I'm not inspired the way you are. My grandmother use to talk about faerie. I searched my mother's gardens every summer and never found any. After reading LOTR's much later, I wondered, where did the elves go? That is when I invented the world of my high fantasy. For the elves. But it has evolved into so much more.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  8. Oh I love how you got a whole novel about mermaids, a necklace and a teen girl just by watching your husband in his bubble bath! Brilliant!!!

    I think to be inspired by the fantastic in the everyday is amazing!! Good for you! Take care

  9. That is true. Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. I have many novel ideas waiting in the "Idea Notebook" that spurred from a line, a date night with my husband, or racing cars with my son. But for some reason, I never think of "modern" things, my brain will always come up with some magical or fantasy scenario no matter the source of inspiration. It's just how my brain is wired I guess.

  10. Oh, it's Cupid and Psyche, that's my favourite sculpture!

    I love that moment when an idea just bubbles up out of nowhere (and the mad rush to write it down before it disappears).

  11. Good post. I get inspired pretty impulsively too and it just grows from there. I have also used my cell phone to keep and idea.

  12. Isn't it amazing how one little thing can spark so much creativity? Of course, your imagination had to be there to catch the spark!

    Glad I stopped by. Came via Alex's fabulous blog.

    Southern City Mysteries

  13. Great post. I agree with those that say it could even the smallest things that give you the biggest ideas. My one completed novel stemmed from a dream I had. The sequel? I honestly don't think there was one certain element that inspired it--though throughout the book, there are many things that inspired parts--if that makes any sense.

    Anyway, the creative part is the most exciting for me, and the time I seem to spend the least time on. I wonder if anyone else runs into this . . .

  14. I'm never sure where my original ideas for stories come from, but when I start researching, that's when the story fleshes out. Your posts are always so creative. You impress me.

  15. Melissa, thank you! :)

    Hi, Jennifer! I really liked your post. It's so well thought out. There are times for me when a simple phrase pops into mind, and it develops fully into a character. <3

    Nancy, how wonderful! That, alone, would strike so many tales--your grandmother's garden. *sigh* How interesting your stories. You make me want to collaborate fantasy with you!!!! *Forlorn sigh*

    Hi, Jennifer! Lol, thank you! I think it's pretty amusing. ;) Have a great weekend. *hugs* :D

    Anastasia, I think its wonderful that your mind is wired for fantasy. From the summaries you're sharing on your blog on your sidebar, I really would LOVE to read them! (are they all finished???)

    Amie, me too! I love getting lost in my writing. *sigh*

    Chris, great idea, isn't it? I used to carry around a pencil and a small pad of paper. But that is SO hard when my clothes don't have pockets. *Sigh* Now where would I store those????

    Michele, Welcome!!!! I'm so glad that Alex was gracious enough to share his follower with me! :D I love how you worded this, "your imagination had to be there to catch the spark". Well said! <3

    Jason, you spend the least time on creating? Is it 'cause you're so FAST that, before you know it, you're editing already? ;)

    Em-Musing, thank you soooo much for saying that. Life's been like a tidal wave for me lately and you shed a light of warmth my way. *hugs* Thank you.


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