Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tamara Hartheiner's Perilous KINDLE and book Giveaway!

1) There will be two signed book giveaways of Perilous. Comment anywhere in the blog tour. The drawing will be completely random. Of course, the more comments you leave, the more chances you have of winning.

2) There will be a Kindle giveaway. This WON'T be random. The giveaway is point based. Whoever has the most points at the end of the blog tour wins the Kindle. The contest will run until Dec. 15. All hopeful winners email Author Tamara at tamarahartheiner dot com with your points and proofs.

Here's how you earn points:

+1 for each comment on the blog tour

+1 be a follower on my blog (old or new)

+1 retweet

+2 blog about the blog tour (You prove all of those by emailing the author the links.)

+5 purchase the book; ebook or paperback, doesn't matter (Email me the confirmation number of your purchase.)

Here is the list of blogs in the Tour:

Oct. 15---------David J. West
Oct. 18---------Nichole Giles
Oct. 19---------Talli Roland
Oct. 20---------Guinevere Rowell
Oct. 21---------Mary Gray
Oct. 22---------Frankie
Oct. 25---------Lluvia (if her computer is working) and Mary Greathouse
Oct. 26---------RaShelle Workman (interview)
Oct. 27---------T. Anne Adams
Oct. 28---------Valerie Ipson
Oct. 29---------Ann Best
Nov. 1----------Christy Dorrity
Nov. 2----------Christine Bryant
Nov. 3----------Rebecca Blevins
Nov. 4----------Kathryn Magendie (guest post)
Nov. 5----------Annett Lyon (interview) and Jaime Theler (review)
Nov. 8----------Jennifer Daiker
Nov. 9----------Carolina Valdez
Nov. 10---------Elizabeth Mueller
Nov. 11---------Christine Danek
Nov. 12---------Elle Strauss
Nov. 15---------Niki
Nov. 16---------Lynn Parsons
Nov. 17---------Danyelle Ferguson
Nov. 18---------Elana Johnson
Nov. 19 & 20----Sarah McClung
Nov. 22---------Suzanne Hartmann
Nov. 23---------Marsha Ward
Nov. 24---------Tara McClendon
Nov. 29---------Diana Miezcan
Nov. 30---------Tristi Pinkston
Dec. 1-----------Cheri Chesley
Dec. 2-----------Karen Gowen
Dec. 3-----------Melanie Jacobson
Dec. 6-----------Kristie Ballard
Dec. 7-----------Melissa Cunningham
Dec. 8-----------Arlee Bird
Dec. 9-----------Debbie Davis
Dec. 10----------Taffy Lovell
Dec. 13----------Sheri Larsen
Dec. 14----------Joyce DiPastena

Good Luck Everyone!


  1. Wow!! That's a lot of blogtours - GOOD LUCK Tamara Hartheiner and all the best with Perilous!! Thanks for the info Elizabeth! Take care

  2. Well, I hope she does really well with this one. I hear it's an amazing thriller.


  3. That's an impressive list! Good luck to everyone!

  4. Jennifer, you're welcome! It's a great book!

    Clarissa, me too and it is. <3

    Laura, hi!


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