Sunday, October 31, 2010

Live, Love and Dance!

It was Friday evening when I spoke with my good friend, Anastasia, on how to combat stress (from trying to balance editing, critiquing, networking and family responsibilities).

Lately, I've been feeling so burdened with it that it's actually affected the way I speak with others outside cyberland. I forget the simplest of words and feel awkward for it.

She reminded me to become as a little child. To play like one. Dance in the rain and imagine the rain sweep away my stress. To see it wash away into the grass.

To dance to the loud beat of my favorite music.

To play with my kids. Jump on the trampoline with them. Play games with them. Enjoy their antics.

How could I forget the simplest of things could regenerate my soul?

*How do you deal with stress?


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  1. Such great advice. It's all too easy to forget sometimes :(


  2. What wonderful advice. That's exactly why we keep friends like that around us--for those times we should remember, but don't!

  3. Awwwww I hope you have a fun weekend jumping on that trampoline with your lovely kids!!! And why not indeed! Enjoy! Take care

  4. Ah, its so important to find a balance. I find writing absorbs everything I do these days, its in the air that I breathe but its always good to take a break even a mini one and just rejuvenate. Thanks for the reminder!! ;)

  5. Awe that sounds like great advice!!

  6. My wife is always reminding me about the simple things in life.

  7. Rach, yes, it is. It's easy to get snared into the lure of writing and everything else. :)

    Amie, thank goodness for great friends! <3

    Jennifer, thank you. :)

    Talei, I know what you mean. I need to always do that--take breaks.

    Eagle, thank you. :)

    Colene, thank you!

    Alex--I'm so glad you have someone to remind you! :)

  8. Okay this is going to sound odd, but I deal with stress by listening to Christmas music. Especially if I'm stressed while driving. Yeah, I know it's weird, but what can I say. :)

  9. Hello, Kathi. Wow, that's wonderful! I can see how that would soothe you. There's something about Christmas music. I should try it, too! <3

  10. Big hugs, Elizabeth! You're such a giving person.

    It's easy to un-stress here in Hawaii. I go outside and look at the mist creeping over the mountains, or walk down to the beach and lose myself in gazing out to sea.

  11. Aww..too bad you are stressed out, Elizabeth. Whenever I am stressed I listen to peppy music, I instantly start to feel better.

    *Lots of Hugs to make you feel better.*

  12. Great reminders, Elizabeth. This is a huge part of why my online persona is so nutso--if it weren't PLAY, I don't think I could keep it up... what with the day job, family, writing, editing... so the blogging is where the play fits in.

  13. I really enjoyed this post, Elizabeth. It reminded me to slow down and feel happy. I have a lot to be thankful for. Cleaning my house, exercising, and reading are great stress-busters for me.

  14. I need to reorganize my life. I know I do. I'm just overwhelmed at the notion, I think. Sigh.

    "I've no fear of drowning, it's the breathing that's taking all this work."

  15. I try to play daily, but I have been thinking about this very topic lately. I've realized so many people have this idea that adults aren't supposed to play tag at the park, or ride a bike with a banana seat. I went to an adult Halloween party last weekend, and honestly, I was a tad bit bored. This was the first year my husband and I hadn't thrown a party for our kids, and I missed the games. There is nothing like being wrapped like a mummy or playing monster tag. So, I am all for play!!!

  16. Great reminders. I tend to let stress build up. I've got to get better at it. Playing does definitely help. Mostly I read or watch something on Space TV :)

  17. Rebecca! Wow, I can only imagine such things. I'm so happy you and your family have been given such a wonderful blessing as that! *hugs*

    Rachna, thank you! I forgot that dancing helps, too. :)

    Hart, so true, I need to keep that in mind as I network, too. Thank you! <3

    Roxy, that's right! Cleaning the house and gardening are therapeutic for me too. Thanks for reminding me. :)

    Victoria! I know how you feel. I get lost in the thought of thinking of where I should start. I love the Quote!

    Valerie, that's right! Wouldn't it be fun to get together with a few of your friends and play tag or hide-and-seek at a jungle gym park? That would be way FUN! Thanks for the idea! ;)

    Jemi, reading is very relaxing. Ooh, I love Space TV, too! Thanks for dropping by! <3


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