Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do you want to learn the secrets to successful networking and writing?

Being a writer not only requires writing, editing and critiquing, but networking. Very important, wouldn't you say?

It can be a huge--HUGE--distraction if we're in the middle of creating or editing for that matter. Right? I am so guilty of that.

I came across this message, by accident, really. I feel it is rather urgent for us writers to check it out and especially apply it. It'll be hard at first, but worth the time in both learning and application!

I understand that your time is precious. That's exactly why I've posted this. Click on the link below. It will take you to MedicineNet's site. On the upper right of black box ("Culprit: Social Media") is where you read and click away.

Pictures Slideshow: Top Concentration Killers on

If you still have time, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on what you think about the message.

I hope that you feel refreshed and ready to handle an uninterrupted bout of pure writing bliss!


  1. Thanks for the link. The slideshow is a great reminder of how to not let social networking/email/mobile(cell) phones etc dominate your life and how it should be the other way round!! And really sensible advice! I'm very guilty of not taking breaks from emailing/blogging but I know I need to if only for health and safety's sake! Take care

  2. It's important to keep that balance in everything in life. Life has got to come first!

  3. It's so true, I find I can't get through the day without my social media. The other night, my power went out and I almost went insane. I think the point on the other website about setting time limits and then logging out is a really great idea or your always distracted. I think it would take some getting used to but I know that when I need to focus on writing, it's a must.


  4. I tried to watch that slideshow, but I got a few tweets and status updates and a bazillion e-mails and I lost my place. I was going to try to find it again, but my cell rang. Now I'm just bored with the whole idea.

    Probably because I'm tired and hungry.

  5. Wow! And Yikes! I have a big problem with my cell phone, since it gets email, new blog posts, and lots of phone calls. I immediately drop everything when I hear that oh-so wonderful chime of a new email. Maybe I should disable that particular chime. I'll have to think about that one. Great post, and great link!

  6. I'm guilty of a couple. Not the cell phone though! I don't own one.

  7. Oh, yeah, it's easy to blow hours on the net, phone, techy devices, etc.

  8. Jennifer, I'm glad that you watched the slideshow. I'm so bad because when I found that, I was actually in the middle of a research and happened to come across that. It pulled me away from my writing for about an hour. Naughty! So I'm guilty of all the above! Yikes!

    Jemi, you're right... *sigh* Else we'll have nothing left but our cold phones and computers! ;)

    Clarissa, oh no! I'm sorry that happened to you. It's scary what things we can get attached too!

    C.N. LOL! I think it's a good thing if you get bored. That means that you're not hooked. ;)

    Kim, thank you! Let me know how that muted chime works for you! :)

    Alex, lol... I'm glad that the cell phones are not a problem for ya. :D

  9. Not too much into social media, my biggest problem there right now is resisting the urge to keep checking status of blogs, what's new, who's commented...that is an inner drive, not driven by external signals. Must try disconnecting Internet altogether from time to time.

    But I fully understand the email interruptions. Work is awful for that. I now have my desktop set so I get NO indication of new mail whatsoever. No sound, no little yellow envelope, nothing. I check my inbox regularly at times that suit me.

    Whatever the source, interruptions are deadly. If you are working on something that takes any kind of concentration, it can take anything up to 15 minutes to get back on track. So that "it'll only take a moment" excuse is bogus.

  10. Boy, those slides really told a sad story. Makes you think about what's important in your life and where you need to devote your time.

    Thanks for the great reminder. I think I'll unplug and go talk with the husband. I know he's somewhere around here. ;)

  11. Fascinating link, Lizzie. I totally believe some of those things are distracting and debilitating for writers.

  12. Hi Botanist--Yes, you are right. There's no excuse. There were times that I'd have to literally turn off my phone so that it wouldn't pull me way from my writing. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Kathi--LOL! You're cute. I know, tell me about it! ;)

    Laura! I do too, I'm so bad because that's how I found the Site, I got side-tracked from researching. Naughty me! :/

  13. Laura Diamond--sorry! My comment posted seconds after yours did. It's scare how time sucks away so fast online, isn't it? *hugs* It's nice seeing you here! <3

  14. I think the thing is to keep it all in perspective. I have a writing strength that is probably a family weakness--I have an incredible capacity to shut everything out. When I am doing something THAT is what I am doing. I need to train my kids not to ask for commitments from me when I am at my computer because I NEVER remember.

    The blogging/facebook etc., I BELIEVE is truly important to our success, but I DO think it is a good idea to designate times. I am guilty of getting sucked into blog reading when my day job doesn't have urgencies and that's bad, but my WRITING time? I don't think it interferes too badly, because THAT, I want to be doing.

  15. Hart, wow, I'm impressed. You're so focused. I can't write while my kids are up and about. I have to wait when they are either at school, in bed or in their quiet time. You are right, it applies to everything we do. Thanks for dropping by! <3

  16. I face a number of those culprits on a daily basis! Especially fatigue. Trying to attend to everything (especially networking!) I lose so much sleep. Most of my blog posts are written at 2 AM! Man, I'm tired. It's time to unplug, I think. Can't do it all.

  17. HI Carolina! Welcome--I'm so happy to see you here. I know what you mean! There are times when I'm so wound that I end up pre-posting for my blog weeks in advance. *HUGS* I hope you can take a break. You work so hard!

  18. Ayee.. I'm guilty of so many of those! Some days (err.. most days for me) it's just so hard to maintain that balance.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and for your kind words :)

  19. Hi Elizabeth, I am guilty of a couple of those myself. Thank you for popping in on my blog. I will be sure to take plenty of pictures and post them afterward.

    I like your blog, and I am only at the tip of exploring it! :)

  20. That was fascinating. I think I have

    I am finding Facebook and Twitter too time consuming. I have cut my time blogging, I read blogs then switch off to write.

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  22. Just yesterday I found myself opening a new tab for my email in case I got one while I was composing another one. Why do I think I'm so important?!? If I owned a cell phone, I'd never get anything done. (and I'm not as good as Hart at tuning things out - or networking - but I can write a mean story with SpongeBob in the background!)

  23. Thanks for posting this link, Elizabeth. I've done most of the things mentioned but I've learned a few things that help. Like the slideshow says, clear your mind. At home I turn off my ringer and clean a space for my computer. Having any clutter nearby is distracting when writing. Similarly, I never distract myself by opening Facebook, email or any other site. When I open my computer I go right for my writing program. Getting my brain started on writing right off the bat makes it easier, and faster than saying, "I'll begin writing right after quickly checking email..." I grab a snack (nothing salty) and a drink to keep me in front of my project instead of wandering out to the kitchen. These are just a couple of ideas. Having a clear head is so important, thanks again!

  24. Hi Elizabeth!

    Thanks for joining my blog and for your kind comments. I've enjoyed reading on your blog - and agree about the social networking for the most part. One needs to maintain a balance - take some time for the networking, but block out time that won't be interrupted so something can be accomplished!

    Though I am currently more focused on paper crafting (especially scrapbooking) than writing, my daughter spends a great deal of time outside of work writing. I fully expect to see her turn it into a career at some point.

    Currently my writing is focused on collecting and preserving the family stories - especially the ones that go with the pictures that have been saved through the years. I am currently working on a 3-album set of heritage scrapbooks, and I find I HAVE to make sure to keep focused, or I can indeed fritter away my time with blogging, card making, research on the computer, cooking meals -- anything! I have to be sure to set aside blocks of time where I focus on this project if I ever expect to finish it (and I do!).


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