Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm Back!

Hi everyone! I'm glad to be back, I've missed my bloggie friends! It's been an uplifting month for me. I appreciate those who left comments and followed me during my absence--thank you!

This is what I've been up to the past month:

The first day of school was stressful. My teengirl slipped down three steps, made it to 2 different classrooms before the tardy bell and realized that they weren't the right ones. She was in tears when she told me how it went and begged me to home school her. I cried with her and hugged her and had a heartfelt talk. Now she's enjoying it. Whew . . .

My other kidlets embraced their new teachers and friends, though it isn't their beloved old school. They're loving it now. :)

It's amazing the work that they bring home from school--it's so intense that it sometimes leaves me frazzled by dinnertime.

I've submitted my resume as an illustrator to a few publishers. I've heard back from one and they said they'd contact me when they need me. I'm so excited!

I've applied for the New Testament Project by LDS Motion Picture Studio. I believe any one can sign up--seasoned actor or no experience, even if you are of a different faith! They start filming Spring of 2011. Wish me luck!

I came a cross a blog that discussed the usage of ing words. I scrambled to my WIP and discovered I have too many of them! Rockstar has 3,898. EEP! So far, in 3 chapters alone, I've cut out 115! Small in scale, but I'm slowly combing through and when I'm done, it'll be much better for it.

I also pulled out an old MS and decided to cut out 40 pages because one character was ruining the plot line. Now I can see it open up before me. Now I can finish, yippee! Has this happened to you? Where you decided to pull out a character that is taking over like a choking weed to your flower garden? Oh, and how many ing words do you have in your WIP?

It's great to be back!

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  1. Hi Elizabeth..great to see you back. We all missed you a lot. You were indeed busy. I am glad that your kids are settling down in their school.
    I have not checked my ing words. I am sure there will be plenty.

  2. Hi Elizabeth :) Your teen girl will be fine *grin* I did sooo many more embarrassing things than that - adds character, or so my mum told me! Actually if she needs to laugh at someone else's embarrassing moments tell her to have a look at the tags on my blog - one is there somewhere. I've never thought about my ing words.. *sigh* guess I'll have to have a peek.

  3. Oh wow!! What an action packed break you've had!! I'm glad to hear your teengirl is ok now - I'm sorry she hurt herself and had a bad start to her school days but I'm just so happy that you both worked it all out and she's ok now! Yay! And yay for your little ones too!

    CONGRATULATIONS with you illustrations request!! How exciting and good for you for signing up to the NT Project - of course I wish you well!!!! :-)

    And all the best with your WIPs. Oh wow!

    Take care

  4. Wow - all kinds of exciting stuff going on in your world! I so glad your kids are enjoying the new school year :)

    Good luck with the illustrations and the ms!

  5. Welcome back!
    Nice to read you again. : j

  6. Yay! Welcome back! Good luck with your new projects!

  7. Glad you're back and the kids are adjusting to school!

  8. Welcome back. You were busy in your absence.


  9. Wow! Sounds like you have been busy and congrats on the illustration job!

  10. Welcome back! Sorry your teen had a rough transition! (Is she a freshman?--my daughter's first year of high school was fairly overwhelming, too) Well done on the illustration and have fun with the movie!

    I am pretty good about the 'ing' but i approach it from a 'linking verb' angle. That is when that passive voice creeps in--when I am tentative and only letting things SEEM a certain way, rather than using those strong verbs.

    Breaking up with my characters though, is something I am not sure I am brave enough for...

  11. I haven't yet taken out any characters but I have changed one thing and then the rest of the book fell back together.
    Congrats on your possible illustration gig! Too cool!
    Glad to have you back.

  12. Rachna, good to see here in blogland! I hope your time has been great! Thank you for visiting me. <3

    Nicole! *cringing* I didn't mean to distress the damsel and have you worry about the 'verbings'. Ugh. thanks for coming by! :)

    Jennifer, thank you! I'm glad to be back. So happy you came by to see me! I'll keep you updated on the illustrator job. As for my wips, lol, well, that's a work in progress. Ugh.

    Jemi, thanks! It's nice to see you! I've lots of catching up to do! :)

    Alesa, it's great to read you here, too! *hugs*

    Renae, thank you, I'll need it for sure. :)

    Alex, hi! Thank you. I am too!

    Christine, thank you! Good to see you too. :)

    Clarissa, I wonder what this upcoming month will bring? Thanks for thinking of me!

    Summer, thank you! I hope to hear from them soon. *crossing fingers* I'll let you guys know. :D

    Hart, she's in 8th grade. The middle school is 8th and 9th. I know, weird hu? That's a great way to using those linking verbs. Great technique, thanks for sharing that secret! XD

    Jolene, how wonderful that your book fell back together. This other one didn't. It was so forgone it wasn't amusing at all. Oh well, it'll be better for it. Glad that's the only one that is like that, though. ;)

  13. Glad you're back! I'm also glad your daughter is ok!

    That's so exciting about your illustrating opportunity! I also think that there's a great chance you'll be in the NT film. You'd be perfect in it!

  14. Welcome back! It's good to see you and see that things are settling for you. Busy time.

    I'm rooting for you on your illustrations and movie project!:)Congratulations!

    I haven't counted the "ings" yet. There is a character. She isn't choking anything. She's not really doing anything either. So I'm thinking I'll drop her.

  15. Nice to see you back, Lizzie. I'd love to read that post about the ing words. Do you still have the link?

    Sorry to hear about teengirls first day of school. She's so lucky to have such a nice mom.

  16. Welcome back! Keep us posted on the LDS movie project. That's very intriguing. :)

  17. Rebecca! You're so sweet! Thank you. I really hope that I can go into the NT, really. Aaaa! It's great being back. I've missed you so much! I can't wait to see you again in person! <3

    Terry! Hi! :) You're MS will love you for it once you do drop her. You can give her her own book! thanks for your support on my dreams! :)

    Laura! No! I can't remember where I saw the ing blogpost. I read it over a month ago. Ugh. Maybe I can google it and see if there's anything on it? I'll let you know! It's great to see you, too! xoxoxo

    Michelle! Hi, cutie! I will keep you posted, most definitely. Here's hoping to what's best, right? (Either way) Take care! :D

  18. Golly, I've never thought that much about ing words. It's the ly words I need to watch out for. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's always fun to see a new face!


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