Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good-bye isn't Forever . . .

My dearest bloggie friends,

Summer has flown by way too quick and now my kidlets must return to school very soon. This makes me sad.

There are tons of changes they are making. Their beloved elementary school was voted for shutdown and they are starting a new school. They can no longer walk 5 minutes away, but we must carpool over 10 blocks down (40 minutes walk) now. I know they will make twice as many friends and start fresh with new teachers and the principal--I'm trying to be optimistic.

My teen girl is going to middle school and no longer needs to use the bus. The walk is about 15 minutes away. I do worry for her and hope she can find a buddy to walk with.

As for my preschooler, well, he's going to the same school (thank goodness for a bit of familiarity).

I hate to say this, but I need to take my online time and apply it to my family. I feel as if I've lost part of myself here at home as well as my writing. I feel like a leaf tossed in a wild wind.

I have a few scheduled posts if you'd like to come by and visit then:

August 28th: Book Review: The Hidden Sun, by J. Lloyd Morgan

August 31st: Important announcement! :)

I plan to give myself a good month (about the 21st of September) to rehabilitate my meness here at home.

I promise I'll be back soon--maybe sooner. I'd love to throw a party or contest--something--when I get back.

Please don't forget me.
Thanks for your friendships, and have a great month!


PS--yesterday was my girl's birthday!! :)

PPS--you can stalk me on Sundays at Mormon Mommy Writers--I've auto-scheduled it for the month!

PPPs--thanks you for your luv and support! ;)

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  1. Blogging will be a little less fun while you're away, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Without prioritizing our lives would be chaotic spirals that would randomly jettison important things we should hold onto.

    Take care, I'll be looking forward to reading you when you get back. : j

  2. take good care of yourself and you familyx

  3. We'll miss you! Come back soon and enjoy your family.

  4. Auto-scheduling is the best feature here. This week and next week I'm also doing a lot of auto posting so I can really focus on editing my WIP. Enjoy your ME time and I'll see you when you return!

  5. Awwwww I hope you have a fabulous MEness time!!! Of course I miss you already!! I can't wait for your return and look forward to these scheduled posts!

    Take care, enjoy and all the best!! Hugs to your family!!!!


  6. Take the time for yourself and your family - that definitely comes first :)

    Enjoy your time away - we'll be waiting for you when you get back.

  7. Never apologize for putting your family first! That's the most important thing of all. I hope the transitions all go well for everyone. Enjoy!

  8. aww... We will miss you... Remember, family comes first!!


  9. Won't forget you, Elizabeth, but I will miss your posts!

  10. MEness is important and so is family. And you have fabulous followers, all of them brilliant (okay, yeah, I'm including myself in this, so?) who will wait patiently for your return. Hugs.

  11. Family has to come first and sometimes we just need to give ourselves a break!

    You will be missed, but enjoy your time!

  12. Happy belated birthday wishes for your daughter! Enjoy your MEness time.

  13. Have a great time off!! We'll see you when you get back.

  14. Best wishes for the start of the school year! Amazing how busy the autumn time can become.

  15. I admire your dedication to your family. We hope to hear form you soon!!!!

    Good luck and best wishes to all of your children

  16. hi miss elizabeth! wow i just got here in time to say goodbye for a little while. i hope you have a really fun time with your family cause its real important to take good care of them. and you gotta take good care of you. im glad youre comin back. im gonna watch for you.
    ...smiles from lenny

  17. I'll miss you girl! Thanks for your example of putting family first!

  18. I understand completely! We won't forget you. Enjoy your family and getting back in touch with the inner you:)

  19. You need some time to rejuvenate!

    Don't worry. You are unforgettable. ;)

  20. Hi Elizabeth..take care of yourself and your family. Am looking forward to reading your posts when you return in September.

  21. Ohw, I hope you come back soon. But you are totally right, therE's nothing more important then family!
    I'll miss you!

  22. Hi Elizabeth! *waves* It's mucho important to spend time with your family--I hope you have a nice break. ;)


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