Friday, August 20, 2010

The BIG Reveal!

Guess That Character Blogfest (day 2)!

Okay, so today we are to reveal how our character looks like by posting a picture along with a short description of their personality and who the person was that guessed closest to it!

I'm sorry I didn't specify which character (until later) for you to describe, so I'm indulging myself in treating you with BOTH portraits. I couldn't find a picture online after hours, yes, hours of searching. So I drew both of them up.

This is the lovely, fiery Athikah, Khandra citizen. She is the queen's maidservant assigned to serve the newly acquired slave. She is serene and polite but feisty if needs be (don't tell Aldrek that she's also a warrioress!). She has green eyes that shames the newly born spring leaves and every color of the sunset woven into her long, flowing tresses.

This is Aldrek, prince of Grishdun, enemy to Khandra. He is arrogant, powerful and hotheaded. He practiced swordplay since childhood and renounced his crown so that he could be free to pursue his quest of vengeance. He believes he could conquer the great nation of Khandra at the cost of his loyal army, but learns too late that his throne is desired by another. His hair is blacker than the night, his eyes tempest gray.

Most of my bloggie palz guest correctly on Athikah's appearance, great going!
But my jaw fell open when Dianne gave her comment on them both! Here is what she said:

Aldrek is tall, with dark hair and smoldering blue eyes. He has a square jaw and a commanding demeanor. Accustomed to being obeyed, he is either a powerful lord or an officer in the army.

The girl is fiery, and so I see her with dark red hair and defiant, brilliant green eyes. She is tall, almost tall enough to look Aldrek straight in the eye, something he is not accustomed to in a woman.

How exciting is the unmasking???? Let's hurry on over and gaze at all them lovely headshots of our MCs in this wondrous blogfest!


  1. Aww man, I'm so sorry I didn't make it to yours! Thursday was just too busy of a day for me so I could only make it to some of the entries. Yours was a good one though, as well as your drawings! :]

    Anyway, thank you for stopping by and following my blog. It means a lot to me.

  2. Hi,

    Beautiful sketches!

    What fun this blogfest was in terms of entries and diverse characters.


  3. Sorry I didn't make it over yesterday to guess. Gorgeous pictures of the characters though :)

  4. I just read your snippet below and I have to say that your characters look a lot like I pictured! Beautiful sketches, too.

  5. Oh wow!! Well done Diane!! And well done Elizabeth Mueller for these fab drawings - they are stunning!!!

    I love them!! Great stuff!

    Take care

  6. Man, I was so OFF. But I had a blast, so I guess that's all that counts, eh?

  7. Wonderful drawings, Elizabeth! Such talent! :D

  8. Knew I wouldn't get any of these correct!

  9. Wow! I love the drawings!! It's extra special!! I wouldn't have gotten these right if I tried... way to pretty!!!

    Thanks for your entry!! I loved this blog fest and I'm so proud that everyone did above and beyond what I expected! Thank you for participating!

  10. Elizabeth, you drew those portraits?? Man, you are one talented lady! Bravo, they are both gorgeous characters, gorgeous sketches. I really enjoyed this reveal!

  11. don't think my first attempt went through... sorry i missed getting here for the guessing part but wow I love the sketches! They are full of personality, too, just like your snippet.

    Sounds like real chemistry between these two - the kinds with stinging sparks flying!

  12. Amazing drawings. Both characters sound awesome.

  13. Great Rendering!!!!!
    i was WAY off... again!

  14. Wonderful art work here! thanks for posting these. I do not think I got your female MC correct in my head at all.. lol thanks for posting!

  15. Very sorry now I wasn't here before! Great characters and perfect sketches!

  16. You DREW them?? Wow, you are multi-talented! Thanks for the great entry!

  17. Oh, I LOVE the drawings! You are super talented, Elizabeth. Well done!

  18. You drew those? They're wonderful - you are so talented!

    I love that she has "every color of the sunset woven into her long, flowing tresses" - beautiful description!

  19. Woo hoo! I actually did better with the ones I tried late in the evening. I don't know if it was the evening cocktail or just practice that improved me, but I'm tickled to get this one! :D

  20. Amanda, thank you! It's okay--I totally understand (I'm so naughty for staying up past midnight scrambling through every post of the wonderful Fest). I really enjoyed your entry and photos,too! :)

    Francine, thank you! I found the whole idea enchanting. I love how there are so many of us out there who are willing to share their glorious works as well as time. :)

    Lindsay, thank you! No worries! ;)

    Talli, thank you! Great guessing, too! :D

    Jennifer, thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed them. <3

    Vicki, of course! I've been off on several others, too! :)

    Laura, thank you, you're so sweet! :)

    Alex, lol, that's okay. It was fun. I love guessing.

    Jen, thank you! and you're most welcome. You hosted one of the funnest blogfests I've participated in. When's your next one? ;)

    Nicole, thank you! I did, too! :)

    Margo, thank you! Yes, they do eventually fall in love. ;) Thanks for stopping by! (I enjoyed your reveal, too!)

    Mary, thank you! :)

    Victoria--that's fine, guessing is so fun, isn't it?

    Summer, thank you! I know what you mean, It's hard to sometimes think of their faces when there's no description, but I guess that's half the fun, hu? :D

    Damyanti, thank you!

    J.C., thank you!

    Hanna, why thank you! You're so sweet! <3

    Susan, thank you and thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Dianne, LOL. I know what you mean. I stayed up late too. Woooooh-ugh... Thanks for your wonderful guess! :)

  21. Beautiful drawings and characters! Original pictures are great.

    I was off the mark, yet, again:)

  22. Wow, great drawings! I got her right -- Wooohooo. Didn't try with him ... but he's hot! Love the characters. :D

  23. Terry, you're okay! I seriously tripped over Roland's entry and fell flat on my face. It was so dang late and his post was so loooong so I skimmed (eep!!) and I guessed his MC was a worn out man with a flabby belly. LOL!! Guess what? It was Angelina Jolie!!! Ugh....

    Brenda, thank you--yippee!!!

  24. Amazing. I saw her face almost like that. Truly spooky. I know how it is to read tired. This blood courier job is exhausting.

    Samuel Clemens remarked in the first line he approached the one woman who scared him as much as Death.

    Wasn't this blogfest fun? Something about it just clicked with everyone, didn't it?

  25. Wow, gorgeous sketches! Well done.

  26. Hi Roland, I'm blushing here. I'm going to send you an email. Thank you, I appreciate your artistic insight. Yes, this was one of the funnest blogfests. I believe writers love to talk about their characters!!! :D

    Jennifer, thank you so much! ;)

  27. Awesome drawings!! I wish I could draw well enough to do my characters justice, but sadly...

    They're both stunning.

    Thanks so much for your comment on my multicultural writing, by the way. I really appreciated that :)

  28. Wow, amazing sketches - I love how you drew these, it makes sense and they match perfectly to your snippet of course! So sorry I didn't get around to commenting until now and thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Its been a fantastic experience this blogfest. ;))

  29. Hi Steph! Thank you! I think it's great that you're doing that. I thought about that as I went to bed last night. I really admire you for doing that--I know it's challenging to make it feel and sound and taste authentic. I know that living a bit from that life sure helps alot, but if you can pull it off with research alone, you are surely an artist! :)

    Talei, thank you! I agree with you. I had lots of fun despite the late hour last night. It was enchanting guessing everyone's MCs! Thank you for finding the time now! <3

  30. Great drawings, Elizabeth! I love that you can draw an image you see in your head. Did you also see the one I drew of my story's villain (here).

  31. Oh my goodness what beautiful drawings of your characters! I loved your entry!

  32. Ella! Thank you! You're so cute, I really appreciate your invitation to seeing your villain, I can't wait to see!

    Renae, thank you! :)

  33. Great drawings! Have you ever thought about illustrating childrens book? I could get you in touch with people who might want to hire you. :o)

    Are you a writer? Then you MUST enter this CONTEST!

  34. Oh my goodness...those drawings are awesome!

    Seems as though I was missing the fun. Great job, Elizabeth!


  35. Jessica! Thank you. Wow, really? I'm emailing you right away! (I'll check out your contest!)

    Doris, Thank you! It was way fun, really. But there'll be a next time ;) Take care! <3

  36. Wow, you've got some mad talent...

  37. Awesome art, you are really gifted.


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