Sunday, September 26, 2010

Begin to Let Grow

“Mormonad,” New Era, Aug. 1991, 7

Photography by Craig Dimond

Nurture your creative nature. After all, you take after your Father and He was the ultimate Creator. (See 2 Ne. 2:14.)

I'm thinking, how far can you go with God's help when you write?


Have a splendiferous week!!

(I decided to repost this today, I had accidentally posted twice on the 15 and it got lost with the other post--shame on me!!!) Thanks for your patience. :D


  1. You too gorgeous and ever so fabulous Elizabeth Mueller!!

    Take care

  2. Thank you, Jennifer!! (Oops, I accidentally posted twice in one day, what was I thinking???)

  3. Posting twice in one day? You'll spoil us, and you'll have to keep it up. Whew! That would be a chore, wouldn't it?

    Have a lovely week, Roland

  4. Hi Elizabeth! I really enjoy your blog! So happy you stopped by mine and left a comment. I often find other blogs that way. Such a nice community, isn't it?!

  5. "Nurture your creative Nature," that is a cool quote to live by. Thanks!

  6. I've heard pastor's encourage people "to go boldy before God with requests." With a heart filled with the Holy Spirit and a mind focused on pleasing God and living His word, I feel comfortable doing this and asking God to bless my writing. He's given me so many other blessings. It fills my heart to overflowing! :D

  7. Hi! *waves*

    I've got an award for you at my blog!

  8. Hi Roland! Lol, I would probably do that if I had nothing else to do! Thanks for dropping by! :)

    Megan, yes, I'm with you on that! Thanks for leaving a comment here too! <3

    Thanks, Paul! Also for dropping by. :D

    Laura, how wonderful! I really love how your pastor said that. It's amazing how much God loves us and how our little things matter to Him, too! Thanks for sharing that, I really enjoyed it! :)

    Mara, *Waving* Aw, thank you! I'll hurry over and grab it, thank you!

    Melissa, hi girl! Thank you! :)


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